Friend Expecting? Stylish Gifts To Ensure Their Little One Is The Next Kate Moss

It’s always exciting to find out that one of your good friends are expecting a baby. After all, it means you will have a fun new playmate to go and visit. However, it can be a challenge to think about what you want to get your friend for their little one. If you are a fashion fan like me, you ought to consider going for some clothes. That way, you can ensure it’s a mini style icon. Therefore, here is some stylish gifts for your friend’s new baby to ensure they are the next Kate Moss!




A cute pair of mittens

 One thing you should consider getting your friend’s baby is a cute pair of mittens. After all, these are perfect for the colder months. Your friend will be able to put the baby in the mittens before they head out with the pram. And they will certainly look adorable with the rest of their outfit. You can get some really cute ones around which will be perfect for the new baby. If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, you might want to go for cream or yellow that will ensure they look stylish either way. And ask your friend about coats they have got their newborn. That way, you can buy some mittens that will match, so the little one looks super stylish.


A designer dress

If your friend is having a princess, you should consider getting them a beautiful dress for their wardrobe. After all, your friend will be delighted to have a gorgeous dress they can put their little one in during special occasions. And if you want to ensure you get them something that no one else will get them, you could opt for getting them a designer dress. After all, nothing says style than going for a brand like Dior for kids. In fact, your friend’s kid could end up wearing something which has been worn by the likes of Suri Cruise. Therefore, have a look in the designer shops for something cute for your friend’s baby.


A pair of luxury socks

You can never have enough socks when you have a newborn. After all, they ensure the baby’s feet stay nice and cozy. Therefore, you should opt to get some socks for your friend’s new arrival. But rather than go for traditional white socks, you should go for something bit more stylish. You should opt for a pair of luxury socks which will impress your friend. And you could even get some cute baby shoes for them to use too. They will look like a mini style icon in their cute socks and shoes.


A gorgeous bib

Bibs no longer have to be boring. You used to only get them in plain white, pink or blue. But now they have become a gorgeous fashion accessory for kids. You can get bibs which come in beautiful patterns that your friend will love. And they can be worn while their child is out to collect drool while ensuring they look fabulous at the same time!


And remember to get something for your friend too. After all, she has gone through the stress of carrying the little one for nine months. You can get some ideas of good gifts on my previous blog.

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