Staying Stylish From Head To Toe: How To Have All Bases Covered

Fashion can be a bittersweet interest. Not only do you want to look good in what you wear (and often feel comfortable too), you want to be able to feel as if you’re wearing the style well and staying ahead of style. Trends might come and go, but there are also so classic fashion staples that never go out of style. When you stick to what you know, what suits you and what you feel your best in, your style will always be on point. But, it never hurts to boost your look whenever you get the chance. If you feel like ensuring your look is polished from head to toe, covering off these go-to areas should help.

Stay Supported

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that your outfit is supported as best as it can be by your underwear. If you’re not wearing the right underwear, it can often show and sometimes spoilt your finished look. So, when you pick out and outfit, you need to try it on beforehand with different kinds of underwear. And, if you haven’t got a style that suits, it’s time to head out to the lingerie department of your favourite store and pick up the perfect set. True style depends on it!

Cover Up

Then, taking us from the bottom straight to the top, we’ve got to talk outwear. Sometimes, you can ruin a really good outfit with a pour jacket choice. When you’re planning an outfit, you can often think of dresses or tops and pants as the entire package, but in reality, they’re the bread and butter. You need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing alongside your clothing choices not only work with them but set them off in style.

Swim Prim

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of heading to the pool when you’re at home, on vacation, it’s usually always a feature activity. So, you need to make sure you give your swimwear as much attention as you would the rest of your wardrobe. And no, that doesn’t mean just picking out a pretty bikini or swimsuit – you need to think of the entire package. That means shoes, bags and other accessories, along with coverups, hats and sunglasses are included! Every item counts. 

Live And Lounge

Outside of the house, you can often feel like a different person to when you’re at home and in your sweats. And that might be okay for some, but what if you were to get an unexpected visitor, or you had an emergency and you had to go out – wouldn’t you want to look your best? When you’re at home, it’s understandable that you want to be comfortable, but you can be stylish at the same time. When you’re lounging around, invest in chic and cozy loungewear, like styles made by Vanilla Night & Day lingerie, to feel good and look it too.

Sleep Tight

Similarly to lounging around the house, you’ve also got the option to stay fashion-conscious when you sleep. Again, the comfort factor is important here, but there is a wide range of nightwear options that look incredible and will facilitate your sweet dreams. Pajamas don’t have to be ugly, they can be chic, cute, or anything you want. And if you’re on a style hunt, it would seem silly not to cover off your sleepwear.

Hose Away

When you put an outfit together, you can often come to terms with correcting your underwear issues, but it’s easy to forget about those underwear accessories that count – pantyhose. Not everyone loves them, but depending on the look you’re going for, they can add a certain effect that nothing else can. If you’re not sure what style of pantyhose will suit you, or go with what you’re planning on wearing, then it will help to read up. This guide to pantyhose will certainly help. But, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your choice, so try out a few different styles first to see which works.

Don’t Leave Them Out

And, while we’re making this all about you, it might be an idea to focus on the little ones too. When you’re trying to pull a full look together, what your baby or children wear is just as important. Not only do you want them to look cute, but it can be super fun to style them up too. Having a stylish child doesn’t have to be a battle, you can keep cute clothes for special occasions and ensure they stay stain-free when it counts.

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