Fluff the Fashion Police – You Do You!

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There are some things that we will never think of doing, or never venture towards, because we a) haven’t even thought about it as something that we could do or b) are too afraid to do so. This all sounds a little vague, but it’s a statement that can apply to almost any part of life; going for dream jobs, trying new food or even just in terms of styling yourself.


But how do we go about sorting that and making a change within ourselves? It’s hard to do on any aspect, but finding the confidence to dress ourselves to a standard that is acceptable to us and to the outside world is a challenging thing.


Be Big


Oversizing your clothes is a concept that has been around for decades. From the oversized hippy shirts in the 60s to the baggy jeans in the 90s and to, well, whatever we can oversize now that will look good. We are constantly drawing inspiration from the years that have preceded us, so don’t feel like you can’t pull out a look from days gone by and absolutely own it – you are more than capable. You could start off with searching something relatively small and simple, like how to wear an oversized sweater, and build up from there. Not only do oversized products hide a multitude of sins, but they are probably the comfiest things you’ll have in your wardrobe this year.


Be Bold


If you want to go for a statement piece of clothing, jewellery or print, then there is nothing stopping you. As much as it sometimes may feel like it, there is no such thing as the Fashion Police; it’s a concept made up by those who aren’t willing to stray away from the norm. Mixing and matching prints and patterns is a trend that anybody can pull off, as whether accidental or deliberate you can use the other excuse as to why it has been done. Assert your confidence and people will instantly love the look that you are pulling off. Whether you decide that a fluffy feather boa is your thing or you would prefer to wear latex on your day out shopping, confidence is key to putting a halt ot the judgement.


Be Beautiful – Whatever Size
There are unwritten rules that if you are a bit bigger, you can’t wear clothes that either show your skin or are fitted to your skin. So most jeans that are produced now are out of the question as elastic would simply contour around your legs as it would a skinny person. The logic in this is completely flawed; again, dress in what feels comfortable to you and style it to your own image. You don’t have to rely on the opinions of others unless you are seriously hurting them in some way – but with a couple of pieces of clothing, you would hardly be doing that. It is a shame that most people have been put off trying pieces of clothing based on the words of people that don’t know how good just one piece of clothing can make somebody feel!

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