Is Social Media Ruling Your Life?

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It’s highly likely that right now, you are reading this blog post on a smart phone. We have the buttons for you to share this on your social media and while you’re doing that, ask yourself this question: how many hours a day do you spend on social media? How many hours do you spend tweaking your photos, your life, to fit the world you’ve created online?

For most people, they spend all day long on social media. The generation of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr – the list goes on – users are all about life through a lens. The lens is usually attached to their smartphone and everything is uploaded and shared to one or more of the many social media apps out there. Occasions, meals, a walk in the local park on a cold morning – it’s all shared to the world, as if you need to photographically evidence your life so it can be considered real. Concerts are looked at through the video setting of a phone instead of through the eyes of the person at the concert. Every moment is captured and streamed live but, what if it wasn’t?

What if you made the choice to put down the phone during a party, or a night out? What if you didn’t take the photo of your dinner and add two or three filters and hashtags? Guess what would happen? Absolutely nothing. You would enjoy your time with your own senses and while it wouldn’t be forever living in your phone, you would instead have every second stamped in your memory, like the writing in a stick of rock. The addiction to screens, to sharing our lives every second of the day has become so consuming that people won’t buy a phone anymore unless it has a camera attached. Think about it, the biggest days of your life are not viewed through your camera. When you get engaged, you are highly unlikely to be stood and waiting for it to happen so you can capture it. You get married and hire a Photographer to take photos of your day and there’s a growing trend of brides asking people to put the camera away during the ceremony so that the hired professional can do their job.

Life doesn’t have to be viewed through the five-inch screen of an iPhone. Social media does not need to know your every movement and you don’t have to tell the world every moment either. Keep some moments for you, for your family. Enjoy your evenings out with your friends and their faces, rather than contorting into the best selfie positions. Look at the sunset and take in every last ray, instead of trying to get your smartphone to comply with the view you are seeing. We all know there’s no comparison between viewing the sunset yourself or through a phone screen. Ask yourself whether your social media is ruling over your life and if you think it is, it’s time to delete the apps and start living life with your eyes, not your phone.

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