Dress To Impress: You’ll Never Worry About Workwear Again

Pexels Image: Unsplash

Monday mornings are hard enough without spending forever in front of your closet door, hair wrapped up, turban style, in a bath towel as you throw one item after another onto the bed, before finally settling on the same black trousers, white shirt and navy cardigan combo you wore last week. While it’s easy to plan OOTD, or outfits of the day at weekends when the new working week rolls around somehow you feel like you’re back to square one!


Back To Black

Classy, elegant and functional you can never go wrong with a black pantsuit, skirt and jacket or tailored dress. While the black and white look has, in the past, been a women’s business wear staple, up and coming designers now seek to put their own stamp on things. Cue a rise in pencil skirts, peplum dresses, cropped trousers, tailored jackets and sleeveless shirt dresses. The concept is basic not boring so make sure that you have a standout statement pieces, be it  vintage watches, chunky necklaces, or a metallic bracelet that immediately grabs the eye. There’s also nothing wrong with mixing it up so who you are is reflected in cropped, zipped trousers, silk pussy bow blouses, suede kitten stilettos, strappy wedges or cute pumps. Don’t be afraid to add splashes of color either. Why not pair monochrome with pillar box red, midnight blue or even sage green shoes? Wear bold colored, or patterned coats and carry a mini backpack.


Trail Blazer

While we wouldn’t usually label jeans as professional clothing, workplaces are now much more relaxed about the idea of denim. However, do take a look around the room before you decide to show up in high-waisted skinny jeans to the morning meeting! If you work in a creative industry such as journalism, design, or advertising a cute shirt, or blouse paired with designer bootcut jeans and a longline blazer that’s free of wrinkles should be fine. However, be aware that if you’re in a customer-facing role i.e. working in real estate, banking, retail or even marketing you may feel that this look’s a little too casual. As the first point of contact customers will form their impressions of the company from you, so jeans might not work, but flared or Capri trousers could be a great alternative.


Fluid Fashion

Even core shapes and use of colors and patterns are changing when it comes to business wear. Don’t feel like you have no choice but to wear tight, or constricting outfits every day as there’s nothing wrong with floaty sleeves, light fabrics and more fluid shapes such as shirt dresses. It’s also great to mix feminine and masculine trends and find the balance between slouchy and fitted styles. Surprisingly, even though the look you’re going for is ‘don’t care what I wear’ there’s a lot of skill involved in picking out clothes that reflect your personality, yet wouldn’t be out of place in the boardroom. Forget power dressing; you’ll end up looking like your grandmother. Think cashmere cardigans, knitted jumpers, and patterned blouses with 3/4 length skirts, tunic dresses, and billowing, palazzo trousers.


Pexels Photo: Lukas

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