The One “Fashion” Rule You Can’t Ignore

The fashion rules can be exhausting – and they never seem to stop changing. Not only are we supposed to follow the trend of the day, but we’re also supposed to alter our tastes given the occasion, the season, or even the age we have clocked up in years. Trying to tick all the boxes is nigh on impossible, but that doesn’t stop us trying.

It would be simple at this point to encourage you to push all concerns to one side. You do you! Be true to you and you only! Fashion guides and style hacks don’t matter; it’s all about individuality!

But as any devout follower of style knows, it’s tricky to do that and still feel good. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about: feeling good, enjoying your reflection in a mirror, finding a confidence from the items that you’re wearing. So if you break the “rules” only to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, what’s the point?

It’s all well and good to discard the fashion rules; no one disagrees there. However, there is one rule that is more of a law, more of a fact of life: your style should be personal.


Okay, can’t blame you for being somewhat dubious. The point being made is that your style has to be personal, as in, it has to take account of your body, your colouring and what looks good on you. Some things just won’t, and forcing yourself to wear them isn’t going to help.

A Few Examples

If you have a long torso and short legs, no desire to be a fashion maven is going to make flat shoes, and a midi skirt make you look your best.

If you have short fingers, then no matter how many jewellery stores you go to, large chunky rings are not going to complement them.

If you have pink-toned skin, then some pinks are not going to show you at your best. (Some nail bloggers describe this effect as “Spam hands” when they find an unflattering shade.)

So What Do You Do About It?


There’s no wand to wave here; you can’t lengthen your legs, change your complexion or suddenly have the fingers of a pianist. All you can do is work within the parameters (not the limitations!) that your biology has thrown together.

If there is a trend that doesn’t suit you, should you push through and try to make it work? Follow the fashion route even though it makes you feel shorter, pinker, stubbier? Of course not – though many a fashion editor might disagree. There are always ways to nod to current trends – primarily with accessories – that don’t involve causing yourself style faux pas.

Embracing these parameters is a big part of finding personal style. It takes more confidence to say “no, that’s not for me” than it does to just religiously follow the trends of the day. Embrace your higher heels, shorter skirt lengths, slender rings and stay away from pink – or whatever you have to do to feel comfortable. It is ultimately about you doing you, just with a twist. 

[ Image at top courtesy of katyandgeorge at PixaBay ]


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