Give Your Outfit The ‘X’ Factor Everyday

Some people say that what you wear doesn’t matter, and of course, what’s on the inside is extremely important. However, your outfit can actually impact the ‘inside’. Some people don’t realize that the clothes they wear have a big impact on their mood. Wear lounge clothes all day? You’re probably not going to get much done. Wear an outfit that makes you feel empowered? You’re probably going to boss the day! These tips will help you to give your outfit the X factor everyday, so you can look and feel great.


Enhance Your Shape

If you want to give your outfit the x-factor, one thing you can do is ensure it enhances your shape. If you have curves, show them off! Wear a waist belt, or a tight fitting top. If you don’t have as many curves as you’d like, you can still create them by choosing your outfit intelligently. You can create all kinds of optical illusions with the right pieces and accessories.


Make Sure You Feel Comfortable and Confident

Make sure that in whatever you wear, you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t wear something just because you think somebody else will like it – it needs to feel like ‘you’. You need to feel comfortable and confident in this outfit, or you won’t slay the day like you should.




Tell People Something About Yourself

With your outfit, do your best to tell people a little something about yourself. Maybe you could choose a slogan T, or wear a pair of patterned tights. You can give people insights into your personality this way. If you’re a classy, demure person, show that off. If you’re fun and bold, show that off. There are no rules, but dressing is a really fun way to express yourself!


Wear Jewelry That Tells A Story

Make sure you wear jewelry that tells a story too. Maybe you could wear a sentimental piece, or something that you feel suits your features. Looking at jewelry manufactured by elf925 could give you a good idea of what you want to wear when putting your outfits together.


Include a Funky Pattern Or Bold Color

One way to really give your outfit some interest is to include a funky pattern or bold color. This could really perk up your outfit and make it stand out. If you’re wearing a whole black outfit, how about a brightly colored coat to finish it off?




Experiment With New Styles and Items

One of the worst things a person can do is always stick with the same style and items. While it’s a good idea to have your go-to pieces, make sure you experiment with new styles and items too. You’ll have a lot of fun and might just find lots of new things that you love to wear.


Don’t Follow The Crowd

Don’t feel tempted to follow the crowd. One of the best things that makes an outfit is you! Your own unique twists and preferences. Rock your own style and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.

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