Hell’s Angel: How to Rock the Biker Chic Look

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Do you salivate over Sons of Anarchy? Think bikers have the best wardrobes? Don’t worry about what others think and give your wardrobes a biker chic makeover today.


Bikers are known for being down and dirty, but you can actually elevate biker chic to the level of flirty, feminine haute couture with an edge by making a few good wardrobe decisions. If you would like to embrace your inner Hell’s Angel, here’s what you need:


Bold Femininity


Biker chicks are not shy about asserting their strength or their femininity. Think of the biker babes in Sons of Anarchy for example. They always look well made up, and they aren’t afraid to flaunt their figures in tight leather trousers and even tighter corset tops. So, if you want to be a true biker chick, you need to embrace your body and be unafraid to flash a little bit of flesh.




Black is the biker uniform, and although you do not need to wear only black, if you want to create a chic biker look, black should be your foundation. Jeans, dresses, tops – they all look better in black when you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle. But don’t be afraid to throw in some gray, red or even bold prints (leopard print is particularly appropriate).




When it comes to accessories, bikers of both sexes prefer silver, metal, and iron. Silver skull earrings and an iron cross ring, for example, will give you the perfect biker look in a pinch.


In terms of bags and purses, you can’t go wrong with a classic black leather look. Bowling bags and purses featuring tattoo artwork are also a popular choice that will look good with your biker chic wardrobe, too.




Leather is a big part of any biker’s wardrobe, not only because it helps to protect them should they take a tumble from their Harley, but also because it just looks so cool and dangerous.


As a minimum, you should purchase a vintage leather biker jacket, at least one pair of tight leather trousers and some good leather boots, if you want to create a credible biker chic look. Extra points if your leather clothing also features the tell-tale sign of a biker – metal studs.


Lots of Liner and Lipstick


Although many lady bikers go minimal on the makeup, if you are the kind of gal who likes to be fully made up before you step out of the house, invest in a good liquid liner, in the blackest shade you can find and the perfect shade of red lipstick for your tone to create that rebellious biker look.




Tattoos are not necessary, but if you’re looking to get inked anyway, it will certainly enhance your biker chick credentials. Most bikers chicks favor hearts, roses, pin-ups and your classic tattoo style. If you like the idea of tattoos, but you don’t want to do anything permeant, you could consider a temporary tattoo as more women are flirting with temporary skin art than ever before.


More important than your wardrobe, if you want to be a convincing biker chick is, of course, a care-free spirited attitude and that is something that won’t cost you a single penny!


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