Upgrade Your Accessories

Image from Pexels


We put so much focus on to what we have in our wardrobe that sometimes we can forget one of the most simple rules followed by one of the most stylish women in the world, Coco Chanel.  It’s not about what you wear it’s how you style it.


Simplicity in your outfit, such as black skinny jeans and a basic white tee, is like setting a blank canvas and gives you a brilliant base to go wild with accessories, which will give you the edge on all your fashionista mates whilst being elegant and cool.


Because a statement necklace or a costume ring can have so much influence on your chosen look, it makes sense to invest a little more than the average high street brand and whilst all these looks can be mimicked on the high street we thought we would take a look at ways of upgrading your accessory basics.


One of the most elegant looks with a twist of contemporary, is silver jewellery.  Investing in a solid silver bangle or delicate long chain can make a subtle impact to what you wear.  You can take this a step further by looking at a silver, diamond ring which will add a little sparkle to your life too.  Check out Tiffany and Co Review to make sure you know what to look for and familiarise yourself with the brand before investing in this iconic, beautiful bodywear.  


As mentioned earlier Chanel was the master of up styling a basic look.  She opted for multiple length strings of pearls.  Her signature look was little black everything with beautiful light pearls draped around her neck or over her wrist and it was a stunning contrast.  From earrings to strings and all that is in between get to a specialist such as Tara Pearls and find your own version of this incredible style.


A watch can be more than just a timepiece, some brands such as MB&F create little works of art for your wrist.  You can’t go wrong with a simple chain link watch though in cool stainless steel or yellow or white gold plate.  Rolex offer a pretty pricey, but once in a lifetime, range of watches although there are quality brands with a lower price tag.  For a bold statement look at going with a mans watch.  Whilst they are larger than most women wear, the chunky size can look awesome on a delicate wrist.


Handbags are often overlooked but are a really great way of saying “Hey world, I’m here” Go super luxury with Hermes or look at smaller brand handmade leather totes.  The attention to detail within quality made stitching makes for a sharper, more classy look.


If you go for a few carefully chosen, luxury pieces, you can mix them up with high street favourites for a really great look.  Quality does pay and can also help make a more economical jean look like a designer staple.  It’s about distracting the eye and delivering the ultimate cool.


So invest in your collection and be the envy of all!


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