Handbags Every Woman Needs

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Whether you’re an accessories lover or a minimalist, the handbag is a requirement that we just can’t avoid, at least until designers start making jeans with bigger pockets for women. Until that day, we will enjoy shopping for handbags as is our right – we need one for every occasion and every outfit after all. If you haven’t got at least one of each of the following, get yourself to the mall as a matter of urgency.

A chic clutch

A clutch is one of those bags you can always rely on when you need to look on trend. Big enough to fit the essentials in, but beautiful enough to suit most smart outfits, they’re a great go-to bag when you’re running out of the house on your way to a hot date, a girl’s lunch, or even just to the store. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have a day clutch and a night clutch – equally beautiful, but appropriate for totally different events.

An efficient fanny pack

Fanny packs aren’t the mark of the tourist dad anymore – there was even a few that turned up on the Spring Summer 2017 catwalks. A fanny pack combines everything that is important in a bag – usability and style – into one lovely package. Take a cute pink fanny pack on a night out and never worry again about losing your phone again, or pick a more tribal patterned one for a walk in the hills, so your hands are free for map reading – the possibilities are endless.

A cute tiny bag

The catwalks also saw the introduction of the Thumbelina bag for this season’s collection – a bag so teeny tiny that only a credit card and maybe a lipstick fits, and they make the perfect gift. While where you’re supposed to store your phone remains a mystery, they’re so pretty and cute it’s impossible not to need one.

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A roomy weekender

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Mary Poppins duffel bag is the go-to bag for anyone heading away for a few days. They don’t have to be ugly sports sacks anymore, with many of the top handbag designers seeing a gap in the market for beautifully spacious weekend bags in recent years.

A crossbody bag

Whether you’re heading out shopping, on a date, or sightseeing in a new city, a crossbody bag is a go-to handbag. You keep your hands free, they’re secure, and they’re big enough to fit in your wallet, phone, keys and a guidebook. If you’re not lucky enough to already own a crossbody bag, make it your next treat.

A structured tote

Big enough for carrying your laptop, work papers, and everything else that women want to keep in their handbag, the structured tote is a great day bag for carrying to and from work, out shopping, or basically anywhere. They look smart without looking too glam, and should be a staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe.

A statement piece

Sometimes we don’t want our grown-up, sensible handbag. Sometimes we want a talking point, a center piece, and a focal point of our handbag. From guitars to mouths, statement handbags come in every conceivable design, and they’re a really fun way to add an edge to your look.

Handbags are for life, not just for Christmas, but we really do have a use for every single one!

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