Glamour Puss: Timeless Beauty Trends

While you’d need to be pretty fearless to try out some of today’s more out-there beauty trends

a la unicorn hair, lip plumping and statement eyebrows there are the five utterly gorgeous looks that have stood the test of time.


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Cherry Red Lipstick


Be it crimson kiss, berry blush or pillar box red women have been reaching for red lipstick for forever. In fact, during the suffragette movement many of the women who marched, went on hunger strikes and attempted to force parliament to give them the vote wore bright red lipstick as a sign of female strength and power! Even today a slick dash of crimson confidence will help you feel sexy, powerful and in control, so it’s no wonder that it was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe as well as having been seen on everyone from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johanssen.


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Cat Eyeliner


It’s a cute feature that can instantly alter a whole makeup look with just a flick of black eyeliner. Sixties women would spend hours trying to copy the fabulous cat eye seen on the alluring Brigitte Bardot and Sixties icon Twiggy with their beguiling eyes, pretty faces, and almost luminescent expressions. Modern cat eyes are seen all over the catwalks and celebrities such as Ariana Grande has thickened the edges so that the pencil line’s sharper at the corners. Experiment with which cat eye works for you, and don’t forget false lashes or a thick layer of mascara to help open up your eyes. Diva Lashes are an excellent beauty brand whose products give the illusion of longer, fuller and butterfly like lashes that are easy to apply, you can choose to buy either individual lashes or full sets and they stay on for hours.


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Smoky Eyes


There are hundreds of different techniques out there when it comes to creating a smoky eye, but they all tend to have the same result. This makeup isn’t just a classic it’s become the go-to look for girls nights out! The soft application of eyeshadow, the sweep of eyeliner and the charcoal color palette looks amazing in most women. Greta Garbo who wore it first, and some say the best, lit up the screen with her sultry expressive eyes as a silent film star, later smoky eyes were seen on every 90’s superstar including the come hither eyes of supermodel Naomi Campbell.


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Modern Bob


Never has a haircut been more iconic than the ‘Rachel’ except maybe the bob, a style that first appeared in the 1920’s and is still making waves today. Bobs, and false bobs have gone from being tight, curled and almost pudding bowl in their appearance to sharp and angular, like the blunt bob Victoria Beckham sported for most of the nineties. This then gave way to a softer, more refined do that’s stylish and easy to care for. Instead of looking stiff bobs worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller are loose, wavy and have personality to them. False bobs created by carefully placed pins are also a fantastic way to enjoy a shorter hairstyle without having to sacrifice any of your lovely long hair!


Crash On That Couch:How To Have A Perfect Family Movie Night

As your kids get older, it get progressively tougher to coerce them into coming out of their rooms and downstairs to actually spend a little time together. Family movie nights are the perfect way to accomplish that – not only will they be assured that they won’t have to talk too much to your deeply annoying self, but movies are a great way to bring the family together as you can talk about them when they’re over. Here are some tips for a perfect family movie night…


Make It Comfortable

First of all, make sure that your movie night space is comfortable and that everyone has a spot where they can curl up and see the screen properly. Set the thermostat so it keeps the room at a constant comfortable temperature, and get up to change it during the movie if the room starts to get too warm. Provide blankets and pillows so that everyone can snuggle up on the couch as comfortably as they want to, and make sure that everyone has a way to be able to put their feet up. Finally, remember not to place certain kids next to each other if you want them to focus through the movie instead of taking the opportunity to punch each other!


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Pick The Right Movie

If you have kids of different ages it can be difficult to decide what movie to watch – your five year old’s plea to watch Frozen for the hundredth time might not go down well with your too cool for school teenager. A good option is usually to choose a Pixar movie – not only do they appeal to younger kids with their incredible visuals, bright colours and funny jokes, but they also have more adult themes that you and your older kids will be able to connect with – take Andy giving away his toys at the end of Toy Story 3, or the beginning of Up, for example.


Image source


Make Sure You Can Use The Technology

There is very little that’s as deeply and horrifyingly annoying to a teenager as their parents attempting and failing to use technology, so make sure that you practise beforehand to feel confident with what exactly you’re doing. Go for an easy streaming service – follow this download link to use ShowBox for a good range of movies.


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Choose The Perfect Snacks

The ideal movie snack consists of something that isn’t too noisy to eat (how annoying is it to listen to other people crunching and rustling their way through bags of potato chips during movies?) and that won’t get you incredibly messy if you accidentally drop it on your front in the dark. Popcorn really is the perfect snack – add different flavours of salt and spices and sugar to different bowls of it so that you can mix up all the different varieties and everyone can have their own popcorn bag so there’s no fighting. Fruit cups full of tangerine segments, grapes and berries like strawberries and blueberries are also great if you want a particularly healthy option. Provide flavoured water as a drink – it’s a little more interesting than plain water and it’ll probably lead to a whole lot fewer sugar rushes and a lot less burping than soda will.

Create What Your Camera Can’t Capture

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When you undertake your photography journey, editing may be far from your mind. When we start, a lot of us don’t think we’ll even use editing software. Until we get our camera. Then, we learn that the perfect photograph isn’t so easy as pressing the button. Of course, we all find the odd gem that doesn’t need work. For the most part, though, editing is the best way to make your photographs stand out. That’s not to say that you need to edit them beyond recognition. But, highlighting the already strong features is sure to bring it to life. So, how do you start on your editing journey?


Professional photographers are often happy to teach about their editing techniques. So, who better to turn to than those who are top of the field? Do a little research into your favorite photographers, and see if they have any advice. Turning to people who’s work you admire is a sure way to learn techniques you’re going to use. After all, you already know it’s a technique you like the look of!


As with any new skill, there’s no better way to learn than joining a class. Look into courses like those at Training Connection and see if any suit your needs. You may think that everything you need to know is online, and you’re right. But, flying solo in your editing journey will make things more complicated than they need to be. Having the support of a teacher will ensure you learn a lot quicker. Plus, you can only find what you search for online. A teacher can show you techniques you hadn’t even heard of. And, you’ll also have the benefit of meeting other budding photographers. Who doesn’t want photography friends to go out and about with? You’ll be able to compare knowledge with your classmates, too. It’ll be a worthwhile experience.


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Knowing the software you’re using is essential. The more you know, the better able you’ll be to create fantastic new effects. You’ll learn a little about this in your course, but you’ll soon see that the basics are just the tip of the iceberg. The more research you do, the better position you’ll be in. Have a look around. If you spot anything you’re unsure of, research what purpose it serves. It’ll take a while before you know everything you need. Researching in small chunks like this will ensure you get a good grasp eventually.


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All the serious learning aside, playing around with your editing techniques is invaluable. You can only learn by doing, after all . Learn the best techniques for telling a visual story. Learn how to manipulate color. Play with contrast to enhance your images as much as possible. Don’t show anyone your initial attempts. That will only increase the pressure and stop you having fun. Edit for no one but yourself. That way, there’s no pressure on you to do a good job.

Improving Your Self-Esteem One Step At A Time

Confidence seems to be key to succeed in the modern world. Whether you’re going for a job interview or a first date, the advice of your peers is likely to be about exuding confidence and sureness in yourself. This is easier said than done for some people. If you suffer from low self-esteem you’ll know how debilitating it can be, and how difficult it is to fix it. Take a look at these simple and manageable steps for building confidence and self-esteem. You might just pick up some useful tips that work for you!


Understanding Self-Esteem


Self-esteem often has little to do with the money you earn, accomplishments you’ve had, or way you look. Low self-esteem is a mindset which doesn’t allow the sufferers to feel good about themselves for who they are. They find little worth or pride in themselves or their achievements. A person with low self-esteem often spends too much time fixating on their flaws. It can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed with irrational negativity if you have low self-esteem.


It’s Time To Take Stock


Before you can set any goals or make a breakthrough, you need to find out what you struggle with and what you’re good at. Simply write a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Do this in a journal, on your laptop. Whatever works for you. You have to note down 10 things on each side. If you suffer from low self-esteem the strength side will be far harder than the weakness side.


If you’re struggling think of strengths think back to any compliments your friends or family have given you. You probably brushed them off at the time, but being thanked for listening, helping, contributing, are all positives. There is no such thing as a strength which is too small or unimportant to be noted down.  This is a good exercise because it shows clearly you aren’t a failure. You have strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else, but you do have something to offer.


Set Some Realistic Goals


Stopping the cycle of negative thoughts is about working your way through your weaknesses. You won’t get rid of all of them, none of us do, because nobody is perfect. If you can pinpoint specific things that make you lack confidence work on those first. It could be that you don’t feel good-looking enough or intelligent enough. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Get in shape or improve your intellect to help yourself nobody else. There are plenty of articles about how to burn belly fat fast etc. Concentrate on taking things slowly and healthily. Address your diet and do some light cardio like running to start with. Exercise is actually a great way to lift your mood too. Similarly, if you want to boost your brain power look into evening classes. Watch some documentaries at the weekend rather than TV or visit a museum.


Be Body Beautiful

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It’s more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside, but there is also nothing wrong with doing what you can to make your body as beautiful as it can be. After all, a healthy body is an indicator that you live a healthy lifestyle and that you take pride in yourself.


If you’re in search of the body beautiful, here are some simple tips for creating the look you desire:


Eat a Healthy Diet

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If you want to be a healthy weight, have beautiful flawless skin and thick, luxurious hair, you need to be careful about what you put into your body. Eating a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.


Use Coconut Oil

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No matter what other beauty skin care products you use to get the body beautiful, you simply must add a jar of coconut oil to your bathroom shelf. This simple substance can be used for everything from cleansing and moisturizing the skin to removing makeup and conditioning your hair. It is also a healthy fat, which when eaten will work on your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out.



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There’s no way around it – if you want to be body beautiful, you are going to have to do some exercise. Engaging in regular activity will help to control your weight, tone up problem areas and give you the kind of confidence that can make any body appear infinitely more beautiful. It will also help you to stay healthy and disease free on the inside too.


Use Sunscreen

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If you don’t want to be covered in wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots by the time you’re 50, you need to take good care of your skin by protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. Whether the sun is shining down on your face, or it seems to be obscured by the clouds, always wear a sunscreen on your face, neck and any other parts that are exposed.


Take Grooming Seriously

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You will never look your best if you don’t get serious about your personal hygiene and grooming. So, cut your hair every six weeks, manicure your nails regularly, take care of any unwanted body hair and most importantly, wash daily. If you do only these things, you will look much better than you would otherwise.




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Eating your fruits and veggies and moisturizing will help to give your skin a glow, but that will be overshadowed if you allow your dead skin cells to build up. To ensure your skin always looks fresh and radiant, dry brush with a boar-haired body brush every day and exfoliate your face at least three times a week. This will remove dead skin, allowing fresh new cells to show you at your best.


Fake It

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If you do all these things and you still have a few problem areas that spoil your look, there is nothing wrong with using a bit of concealer, fake tan or skin whitener to reach perfection.


What are your tips for getting the body beautiful?

Easy Fixes For Most Embarrassing Beauty Woes

I think we all have at least one beauty woe which makes us cringe when we take a photo. In fact, you are mistaken if you think it’s just you having to deal with a beauty problem! But these woes can stop us feeling so confident when we go out. But you might be surprised to know that there are actually some ways to sort these issues before they take over your life! In fact, here are some easy fixes for women’s most embarrassing beauty woes.

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A lot of people are mistaken to think that only teens have to deal with acne. But it is actually something that can affect women in their 20’s, 30’s, and beyond! And it can prove a nightmare. In fact, it can make people lose confidence if they have to go out with a large spot! But while acne may prove a nightmare to get rid off, it is possible to fight the spots. The first thing you should do is head to the doctor to make sure it’s not a hormone issue. After all, if they are going askew it could be the reason, and you might need to go on the contraceptive pill to level out your hormones. Or it might be that your diet is to blame for your acne. After all, if you are consuming a ton of sugar, you will suffer from more spots. And a lack of water can lead your skin to get dehydrated which can lead to spots. Therefore, change your diet, and you might notice a difference in your skin. And remember you could always visit a dermatologist. After all, they can look into treatments to fix your bad skin.


Bad breath


There’s nothing worse than when you find you have bad breath. After all, it can be so embarrassing when you are speaking to others. You worry if they can smell it, and it can stop you being social. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. For starters, it might be worth cutting out smoking. After all, this could be the reason for your stinky breath! Also, bad breath is a sign of bad dental care. Therefore, it’s worth looking at increasing your brushing and using a good mouthwash. You might even want to consider getting a natural toothbrush from Miswak Club. It will kill any microorganisms in your mouth which are causing you to have breath. And it can ensure your teeth remain in good condition! And it’s worth changing your diet to cut out any strong foods which are making your breath worse!



Excess sweating


A lot of women fear excessive sweating when they are around other people. And a lot of the time they don’t know why they are ending up with sweat marks. For one thing, it could be down to your stressing. After all, anxiety can cause you to sweat excessively. Therefore, try and keep calm to keep it at bay. Also, your deodorant might not be strong enough. As it says in this feature, go for a super strong option which can stop the wetness! And if it still doesn’t go, it’s worth asking the doctor if you have hyperhidrosis; they can then give you a prescription antiperspirant!

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And when it comes to your hair, use an anti-dandruff choice to ensure the embarrassing white stuff stays away.


Beside The Seaside- Fun Things To Do at The Beach!

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There’s nothing nicer than a day out at the beach when the weather warms up. Plenty of sunbathing and relaxation is probably on the cards, but you don’t need to spend the entire time just lying around. Whether you want to get some exercise in or just have fun with friends and family, here are some activities you could do to make a day of it.


Play Some Water Sports

The ocean is a playground, and there are so many sports and fun activities you could try out! You could try surfing or paddleboarding, even if you’re not at a tropical beach and it’s a bit cooler you can purchase a wetsuit for SUP surfing to keep you warm in the water. How about snorkeling or scuba diving or even jet skiing- lots of beaches will have activities like this nearby where you can hire equipment and go on a tour or class. Especially if you’re in a more popular tourist area.


Play Games on The Beach

Even if you don’t fancy getting in the water, there are a ton of great games you can play on the beach itself. If you’re out with friends, how about setting up a game of cricket or beach volleyball? You could kick a ball around or throw a frisbee for your dog to chase. If you’re at the beach with kids, you could build sandcastles or take a walk to collect sea shells. Some exercise, fresh air, and fun all rolled into one.


Watch Out For Wildlife

You might think you need to be somewhere super tropical and sunny to see creatures like whales and dolphins. However, it’s not the case if you’re lucky you can see them from locations all across the world including America, Canada, the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Each destination also has its resident wildlife. You could explore a rockpool, or keep an eye out for crabs, turtles, lizards or any other fascinating species that live in the country you’re visiting.


Have a Picnic

There’s usually no shortage of cute cafes and food places near any touristy beach area. However, there’s something nice about packing up your own little stash and enjoying it out on the sand. Lay down a large blanket and pack up a cool bag with a selection of treats, not forgetting plastic cutlery and plates. If you’re visiting the beach with little ones, consider bringing a parasol or beach tent too. That way you can keep them shaded especially during the sunniest part of the day. If you’re planning on making a day of it, a picnic means you have enough to eat and drink. You don’t need to bother with the hassle of going to grab something to eat, or spend a lot of money!


So pack up the car with everything you need and head down to the beach! There are few better ways to spend a sunny day.

Credit to Pexels


What’s your favorite way to spend a day at the beach? Do you have any beach visits planned this spring/ summer?

Happy Anniversary Darling!

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There’s lots of laughter, romantic moments, amazing food, an open bar and, of course, endless cake. However, once you’re back from honeymoon and have resumed normal life things can sometimes seem a little dull. Some of the best ways to recover from post-wedding blues is to plan a holiday, take up a hobby or better still figure out what you’re going to get your new husband and wife for your anniversary. Don’t worry if you really aren’t newlyweds anymore as we’ve given you ideas for the next four years of your  marriage!  




Traditionally, the first anniversary is all about paper, and no that doesn’t mean you can just give them a card! Paper can say anything, buy them tickets to show they’ve always wanted to see, head over to to search for NFL tickets or present them with an envelope for a cocktail making class. You could even take it literally and dedicate a song or poem to them or craftily contact their favorite author to see if you can pay to have their name included in an upcoming novel.




If your partner has had their eye on a lovely summer dress, blouse or skirt for some time then now’s the perfect time to buy it for them. You may even want to take the clothes idea to the next level and have a bespoke suit, or dress tailored for your husband or wife where the seamstress works with you to create something truly stunning. Cotton’s also a plant so you could go the organic route and gift them with a herbal spa package, check out these offers and search for avaialble dates at Those with a childlike sense of humor may decide to go along the lines of cotton candy, taking their partner to a country fair or booking a weekend away at an amusement park. Whatever you choose to do cotton is a really flexible option, so you could plan a surprise bedroom makeover with new curtains, bedding, carpet and wallpaper.




The obvious choices here is a leather handbag, wallet, pair of shoes or Italian belt but have you considered matching couples jewelry? Men wear bracelets almost as often as women and if you don’t believe us then you need to visit because they’ve not only got an excellent range but products are also expertly presented in leather cases and boxes. Another option might be leather friendship bracelets with personalized charms; these both romantic and practical as unlike gold or silver leather doesn’t rust.




Fruit on its own is somewhat boring but what if you combine it with a tropical break? Take your inspiration from bananas, pineapples, melons, and coconuts then book a romantic, couples retreat in whichever country grows these juicy, tasty treats. For instance, bananas are commonly grown in Costa Rica, and what’s more romantic than lying on a private beach as you stare out at glittering turquoise water together?


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Step Back In Time With Vintage Style

It can be difficult to pull off vintage clothing. All too often we can find ourselves on the wrong side of eclectic and veering ever closer to looking a bit dated. Achieving a modern take on retro styles can be tough. But with some careful consideration and handy tips, anyone can master the vintage look.


Keep Costs Down


Vintage clothing can quickly become pricey. This shouldn’t be the case. One of the reasons people like the vintage style is that it harks back to a less materialistic time. You’re supposed to buy vintage clothes and treasure them forever, not throw them away. So make sure you buy a few pieces, sensibly. Avoid overspending by buying individual pieces rather than whole outfits. For instance, a great pair of boots that you know will work with jeans you already own. Or buy the crazy kaleidoscopic dress, as long as you already have a bag and earring to match. This way you won’t overspend, but you also won’t go overboard.


Giving a Subtle Nod to Retro Style


Speaking of going overboard, if you just want to dip your toe into the vintage trend, there are ways to do it subtly. Give a nod to the trend without going too far by recreating some classic makeup looks from the past. Pin-up girl curls and bright red lips are a retro makeup look inspired by the 50’s. Similarly, try pairing some costume jewelry from the past with a modern outfit that’s already in your closet. Lastly, try replicating the popular silhouettes of bygone eras rather than buying vintage itself. For instance, pencil skirts clinch the waist and hug your figure, just like a lot of 50’s outfits.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Vintage clothing is all about embracing bygone eras and styles. Forget what you thought you knew about shape, style, and fit, and go with it. To truly pull off a vintage look you need to wear it with confidence. These clothes have withstood the test of time, so stand tall in yours!


Avoid Looking Like You’re in Costume


If you’re going all out with a vintage outfit keep your hair and makeup minimal. Remember you’re trying to recreate elements of the style, do everything at once and you’ll risk cheapening the look. Loose waves, ballerina buns, and slick straight hair are all great accompaniments to bolder looks. Pair your look with some modern accessories, this is another great way to bring this vintage style into your modern life. A contemporary handbag, fashion-forward sunglasses, or trendy high heels will all do the trick.


Fitness is My Medicine

Fitness means a lot of different things to different people. It can mean having great abs and being able to go on long runs. But fitness is also about keeping our minds sharp, connecting with other people, and motivating ourselves. For a growing number of people, fitness is a way to cure diseases, get back on their feet, and take control of their lives. Here’s how fitness is rehabilitating and curing a whole range of people.


Fitness for Rehabilitation


Fitness is a great way to make our bodies strong again. The types of people who use fitness as rehabilitation include sporting stars who’ve have to take long absences from exercise due to illness. Fitness can help to strengthen muscles, improve technique, and help to sharpen athletes focus again. But fitness rehabilitation is also being used to treat those who have or are recovering from, addiction.


For those who have spend a lifetime neglecting, or treating their bodies poorly, fitness is a great way to start respecting your body again. Exercising it and giving it the love and dedication it deserves, stops some people from harming it again. This newfound respect comes from important exercise therapy classes which use our bodies as a tool on the road to recovery. Drugs rehabilitation programs have recognized the importance of asking addicts to report their energy levels, sleeping patterns, and food consumption. This is a good way to make people accountable for themselves, and invested in taking care of themselves.


Exercises like yoga, martial arts, and pilates, also help addicts to become disciplines and focussed. These type of exercises are great de-stressors and help those who would rather work through a particular grievance physically rather than vocally. The natural high one gets after a workout is also a contributing factor to the success of fitness as rehabilitation.


Fitness as a Cure


Exercise is a hugely effective preventative and healing treatment for chronic illnesses. For those with alzheimer’s, exercise is said to improve memory and concentration. It can also help with sleep disorder and heart problems. It’s especially good for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It has even been suggested that regular exercise can be a deterrent for colon and breast cancer. Hand exercises and movement can even help with the discomfort of arthritis., has some information about other causes of arthritis too. If more people took up exercises instead of medicine, it would save the health industry a huge amount of money. Exercise is free and safe to do, and the results are huge.


Exercise won’t cure all illnesses, especially genetic ones. The fact that exercise helps to cure chronic illness, mental health issues, and even rehabilitates addicts, is enough incentive for anyone to become more active.