Eye Spy: The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

We’ve all had that moment when looking for a new pair of glasses. You spot some on a rack that you think will look just perfect on you, only to try them on and find out they look a lot less than that! This is probably down to the fact that you have chosen some that don’t naturally fit on your face shape. There are four main face shapes which we’ll be talking about here, as well as the best type of glasses to suit them.


We all know how a pair of glasses can totally alter your look, so hopefully this handy guide will help you when you are seeking out your next pair.


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Square Face


Square faces tend to look more angular so they are more naturally suited to glasses with round or curved frames. These will help to soften your more naturally defined features and provide a sense of symmetry. A general rule of thumb is that the larger your face is, the larger the frames of your glasses should be as well.


Round Face


Once again, the old adage “opposites attract” works well here. If your face is naturally rounder, you should search for some more angular glasses such as classic wayfarers, many of which are available with Eyewearhaus. The angles will help to provide faux cheekbones, while also adding definition to other areas of your face. Try to avoid any styles which mimic your own face shape.


Heart Shaped Face


While square and round faces may be easier to identify, it can be tricky to work out whether you have a heart shaped face! Scarlett Johansson is probably one of the most famous celebs to have this particular face shape. A nice style to suit your face would be some glasses that are flat on top and taper off towards the bottom. Think classic aviators if you’re not sure. Another alternative are some cat-eye shaped frames. If your features are smaller, go for some frames which are more delicate, whereas if you have larger features, try some that are larger and heavier.


Oval Face


If you have an oval face, you have effectively won the face shape lottery! You have a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right type of glasses. So, if your last pair were round, why not try some more square shaped frames to give your face an entirely new look? The only thing that you want to avoid is choosing frames which are too wide, as there may end up being a gap between the sides of your face and your glasses.
When you are going to try on new glasses, try taking pictures of yourself wearing a number of different styles. This will give you a good opportunity to work out what works best for you. Use this face shape advice as a guideline and you should be able to find some new glasses that will totally enhance your face.    

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