Happy Anniversary Darling!

Pexels At: Pixabay
Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There’s lots of laughter, romantic moments, amazing food, an open bar and, of course, endless cake. However, once you’re back from honeymoon and have resumed normal life things can sometimes seem a little dull. Some of the best ways to recover from post-wedding blues is to plan a holiday, take up a hobby or better still figure out what you’re going to get your new husband and wife for your anniversary. Don’t worry if you really aren’t newlyweds anymore as we’ve given you ideas for the next four years of your  marriage!  




Traditionally, the first anniversary is all about paper, and no that doesn’t mean you can just give them a card! Paper can say anything, buy them tickets to show they’ve always wanted to see, head over to https://www.primesport.com/s/nflfantravel to search for NFL tickets or present them with an envelope for a cocktail making class. You could even take it literally and dedicate a song or poem to them or craftily contact their favorite author to see if you can pay to have their name included in an upcoming novel.




If your partner has had their eye on a lovely summer dress, blouse or skirt for some time then now’s the perfect time to buy it for them. You may even want to take the clothes idea to the next level and have a bespoke suit, or dress tailored for your husband or wife where the seamstress works with you to create something truly stunning. Cotton’s also a plant so you could go the organic route and gift them with a herbal spa package, check out these offers and search for avaialble dates at https://www.destinationhotels.com/la-cantera-resort-and-spa. Those with a childlike sense of humor may decide to go along the lines of cotton candy, taking their partner to a country fair or booking a weekend away at an amusement park. Whatever you choose to do cotton is a really flexible option, so you could plan a surprise bedroom makeover with new curtains, bedding, carpet and wallpaper.




The obvious choices here is a leather handbag, wallet, pair of shoes or Italian belt but have you considered matching couples jewelry? Men wear bracelets almost as often as women and if you don’t believe us then you need to visit https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/mens-gold-bracelets because they’ve not only got an excellent range but products are also expertly presented in leather cases and boxes. Another option might be leather friendship bracelets with personalized charms; these both romantic and practical as unlike gold or silver leather doesn’t rust.




Fruit on its own is somewhat boring but what if you combine it with a tropical break? Take your inspiration from bananas, pineapples, melons, and coconuts then book a romantic, couples retreat in whichever country grows these juicy, tasty treats. For instance, bananas are commonly grown in Costa Rica, and what’s more romantic than lying on a private beach as you stare out at glittering turquoise water together?


Pexels At: Unsplash

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