Crash On That Couch:How To Have A Perfect Family Movie Night

As your kids get older, it get progressively tougher to coerce them into coming out of their rooms and downstairs to actually spend a little time together. Family movie nights are the perfect way to accomplish that – not only will they be assured that they won’t have to talk too much to your deeply annoying self, but movies are a great way to bring the family together as you can talk about them when they’re over. Here are some tips for a perfect family movie night…


Make It Comfortable

First of all, make sure that your movie night space is comfortable and that everyone has a spot where they can curl up and see the screen properly. Set the thermostat so it keeps the room at a constant comfortable temperature, and get up to change it during the movie if the room starts to get too warm. Provide blankets and pillows so that everyone can snuggle up on the couch as comfortably as they want to, and make sure that everyone has a way to be able to put their feet up. Finally, remember not to place certain kids next to each other if you want them to focus through the movie instead of taking the opportunity to punch each other!


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Pick The Right Movie

If you have kids of different ages it can be difficult to decide what movie to watch – your five year old’s plea to watch Frozen for the hundredth time might not go down well with your too cool for school teenager. A good option is usually to choose a Pixar movie – not only do they appeal to younger kids with their incredible visuals, bright colours and funny jokes, but they also have more adult themes that you and your older kids will be able to connect with – take Andy giving away his toys at the end of Toy Story 3, or the beginning of Up, for example.


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Make Sure You Can Use The Technology

There is very little that’s as deeply and horrifyingly annoying to a teenager as their parents attempting and failing to use technology, so make sure that you practise beforehand to feel confident with what exactly you’re doing. Go for an easy streaming service – follow this download link to use ShowBox for a good range of movies.


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Choose The Perfect Snacks

The ideal movie snack consists of something that isn’t too noisy to eat (how annoying is it to listen to other people crunching and rustling their way through bags of potato chips during movies?) and that won’t get you incredibly messy if you accidentally drop it on your front in the dark. Popcorn really is the perfect snack – add different flavours of salt and spices and sugar to different bowls of it so that you can mix up all the different varieties and everyone can have their own popcorn bag so there’s no fighting. Fruit cups full of tangerine segments, grapes and berries like strawberries and blueberries are also great if you want a particularly healthy option. Provide flavoured water as a drink – it’s a little more interesting than plain water and it’ll probably lead to a whole lot fewer sugar rushes and a lot less burping than soda will.

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