Glamour Puss: Timeless Beauty Trends

While you’d need to be pretty fearless to try out some of today’s more out-there beauty trends

a la unicorn hair, lip plumping and statement eyebrows there are the five utterly gorgeous looks that have stood the test of time.


Pexels By: Adrianna Calvo


Cherry Red Lipstick


Be it crimson kiss, berry blush or pillar box red women have been reaching for red lipstick for forever. In fact, during the suffragette movement many of the women who marched, went on hunger strikes and attempted to force parliament to give them the vote wore bright red lipstick as a sign of female strength and power! Even today a slick dash of crimson confidence will help you feel sexy, powerful and in control, so it’s no wonder that it was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe as well as having been seen on everyone from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johanssen.


Pexels By:


Cat Eyeliner


It’s a cute feature that can instantly alter a whole makeup look with just a flick of black eyeliner. Sixties women would spend hours trying to copy the fabulous cat eye seen on the alluring Brigitte Bardot and Sixties icon Twiggy with their beguiling eyes, pretty faces, and almost luminescent expressions. Modern cat eyes are seen all over the catwalks and celebrities such as Ariana Grande has thickened the edges so that the pencil line’s sharper at the corners. Experiment with which cat eye works for you, and don’t forget false lashes or a thick layer of mascara to help open up your eyes. Diva Lashes are an excellent beauty brand whose products give the illusion of longer, fuller and butterfly like lashes that are easy to apply, you can choose to buy either individual lashes or full sets and they stay on for hours.


Pexels By: Pixabay


Smoky Eyes


There are hundreds of different techniques out there when it comes to creating a smoky eye, but they all tend to have the same result. This makeup isn’t just a classic it’s become the go-to look for girls nights out! The soft application of eyeshadow, the sweep of eyeliner and the charcoal color palette looks amazing in most women. Greta Garbo who wore it first, and some say the best, lit up the screen with her sultry expressive eyes as a silent film star, later smoky eyes were seen on every 90’s superstar including the come hither eyes of supermodel Naomi Campbell.


Pexels By: Tookapic


Modern Bob


Never has a haircut been more iconic than the ‘Rachel’ except maybe the bob, a style that first appeared in the 1920’s and is still making waves today. Bobs, and false bobs have gone from being tight, curled and almost pudding bowl in their appearance to sharp and angular, like the blunt bob Victoria Beckham sported for most of the nineties. This then gave way to a softer, more refined do that’s stylish and easy to care for. Instead of looking stiff bobs worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller are loose, wavy and have personality to them. False bobs created by carefully placed pins are also a fantastic way to enjoy a shorter hairstyle without having to sacrifice any of your lovely long hair!


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