4 Ways to Help A Beauty-Novice Friend With Their Style



Exercising your friendship muscle is always beneficial, and is necessary from time to time. Sometimes in order to show our friends how much we care, we need to let them know we’re there for them no matter what. If your friend has been through a rough time lately or is simply showing signs of low self-esteem about their style, helping them with the way they dress or groom can yield huge results for their life optimism.


This isn’t to say you should force a new wardrobe or lifestyle on someone, but subtly asking if you’d like to go shopping or go for a spontaneous makeover might be just what they need. Of course, just helping someone with a new style might not solve problems they’re facing, but it will let you know that you care about the way they feel day-to-day, and that’s important.


Follow this handy guide to help your beauty-unconscious friend feel like a million dollars.


  1. Go For A Spa Day


Beauty needn’t be a chore! Sometimes a spa day completed with manicures and pedicures is an amazing way to catch up and fully relax them for the rest of the points on this list. You can often find good deals for two friends attending the same spa, so be sure to make use of it and see what good your relaxing day out can accomplish!


  1. Help Them With Their Smile


Give your friend a genuine reason to smile by taking them to a specialist dentist and getting their teeth whitened. Make it a point that this is for the purpose of helping them smile about life, and they’ll more often than not get the point and go along with it, as well as thanking you for your efforts.


You can find frequently asked questions about teeth whitening here. It’s been proven that a better smile leads to happier moods, so with this, you’re showing your friend you’re always there to make them feel better. Plus you’ll both look fantastic at the end of it.


  1. Go To The Gym Together


Going to the gym together is an amazing way to feel better and fit your clothes in a shapely way. You’ll be less likely to neglect a session because neither of you will want to let the other down, but you’ll also find it easier to get through a gruelling session on the treadmill if your friend is there. This is a great way to naturally improve their confidence and show that you’re there through thick and thin!


  1. Take Them To A Salon


Sometimes a makeover is required, sometimes a new haircut is all it takes. Going to a salon helps you get among experts, as the staff will be well versed in all things beauty. Even if you’re the most style-focussed person, the opinion of someone who works in that field can be invaluable. It’s also a great time to have a good chat with your friend and feel incredible after you leave.


For the most part being a good friend is about being present, but showing you care in more tangible ways never goes to waste. They will thank you for being a super friend often, and maybe return the favor one day!


Put The Excitement Back Into Date Nights At Home

When a relationship is only just starting, you’re crazy about each other, and there’s no shortage of ideas for memorable and exciting dates. However, a few years down the line, once you’ve been living together for a fair amount of time, all that fire can begin to fade, and time and money can get in the way of the constant excitement you both remember. If Friday nights in with your partner usually mean sweatpants and screens, here are a few pointers for spicing up the next one…


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Plan in Advance

With modern life being so fast-paced and hectic, a lot of couples end up winging their at-home date nights, which usually ends in sitting around, not doing much of anything! Get around this by planning out your date nights well in advance. Pick a theme every month or week, and aim to plan everything from the food and drinks to your activities around that theme.

Try to Work Around your Kids

If your kids are little, they obviously need looking after pretty much around the clock, which leaves very little room for quality time with your better half. You can work around your parental responsibilities by setting a date on the calendar (write it down so you don’t forget!) when you’ll put the kids to bed early. Make the dinner something easy, and a sure-fire family favourite, so that there’s no fuss when bedtime rolls around.

Keep the Cooking (and Cleaning) Simple

Unless you’ve picked a theme that calls for a large and extravagant meal, try to create a nice relaxed mood for your date by keeping cooking and cleaning to a bare minimum. Alternatively, you can prepare everything from scratch in advance, buy sides and dessert ahead of time, and shave several minutes off the time it takes to whip up a delicious, romantic, home-cooked meal. If it’s in the budget, you may even want to hire a home catering service. This isn’t exactly a negligible expense, but when you stack up the points of catering vs restaurant dining, the experience can be well worth it. Start looking for ways to make cooking quicker and easier now, and you’ll be in the perfect mood when your at-home date night comes around.

Dress to Impress

The best at-home date nights should feel as exciting and magical as any night on the town, so give it a finishing touch by spending a long time on your hair, makeup and clothes. Though it may be a little hard to convince your guy to play ball, get him to change too! This way, you’ll both look, feel and smell your best on your romantic night in.

Have Fun

Most importantly of all, throw all these tips out the window if they’re going to make you feel a little awkward or over-the top. The whole point of nights at home is to reconnect with your partner, enjoy each other’s company, and wash away the stress of day-to-day working life. Regardless of what you read on this blog and others, make sure you’re having fun!


Simple Beauty Fixes With Big Results!

When it comes to beauty fixes and solutions, there’s a temptation to assume that it involves big changes that you have to commit to very seriously. People usually imagine that you have to do some work if you want to make yourself more attractive in some way. But the reality is quite the opposite! Sometimes if you really want to do something to make yourself more attractive, the simple solutions are by far the best. With that in mind, here are some simple beauty fixes with big results!


Change your makeup palette


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Do you ever have those moments where you look at someone, and their makeup is done perfectly, and you just can’t quite figure out how they’re able to pull it off? Then you look at yourself and feel like a clown? Well, the reality is that it’s probably not someone else is somehow better or worse than you at putting on makeup, it’s just that they’ve found a palette that compliments their skin tone better than you have. Finding the right tones and colours when it comes to your makeup could completely change the way you see your face. The best thing to do is speak to the people working at the makeup counter. These people have more experience with what looks good with certain skin tones that just about anyone else!


Non-surgical cosmetic procedures


When people think of cosmetic procedures, their minds almost inevitably jump to scary images of scalpels and surgery. Nips and tucks that leave you scarred and stretched in different and frightening ways. However, not all procedures are nearly as serious or invasive as that. From skin peels to dermal fillers,

there are plenty of simple and quick procedures that aren’t going to leave you looking like you’re made of plastic. You can find more information about dermal fillers here: http://nonsurgicalrhinoplastysydney.com.au/What-are-dermal-fillers-nose-jobs. Of course, as with any procedure, it’s incredibly important that you’re aware of any risks involved and that you’re completely sure about the decision that you’re making.


Go natural


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Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw out all of your beauty products! Although going completely without every so often can not only help your skin breathe more easily, but it can help boost your everyday confidence as well. But one of the best things to do is to go as natural as possible when it comes to choosing products. Products with lots of harsh chemicals and perfumes can end up doing more harm than good for your skin so it’s a great idea to stick with things that only include natural ingredients as much as you can.


Get more sleep!


Seriously, this might be simplest and most effective beauty tip in the world. Getting more sleep will help you avoid bags under your eyes, it will help you feel better which will spread out to the way you carry yourself, it can help clear up problems with your skin. The list of benefits of sleep on your physical appearance really does go on and on!


Sleep Apnea: A Noisy Killer


There’s a common misconception out there that sleep apnea is something that just affects the elderly. But it’s a condition that affects all ages, characterized by an inability to breathe temporarily during sleep, and can be deadly.




There are several variations of sleep apnea. However, by far the most common is so-called obstructive sleep apnea, a condition where the muscles in the throat relax too much during sleep, cutting off the oxygen supply to the lungs. When the supply of oxygen to the lungs is interrupted, a signal is sent to the brain, waking the person up.


Prolonged episodes of sleep apnea can result in poor sleep and even death, and so it’s essential to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible. The condition can also result in relationship problems, thanks to excessive snoring. Here is how science says the symptoms can be alleviated or solved.


Don’t Sleep On Your Back


About a quarter of people sleep on their back. But according to physician Reena Mehra, this is a bad idea if you suffer from sleep apnea. The reason for this, she says, is that when you sleep on your back, there’s a much higher chance that your airway will collapse and that a blockage will occur. She recommends people who have had a sleep apnea episode in the past sleep on either their side or their front.


Lose Weight


Obesity and sleep apnea are closely related to each other. The more you weigh, the more likely your windpipe is to collapse. So as with many conditions, losing weight can help. To get sleep apnea, you don’t actually have to be fat. Simply putting on muscle mass at the gym can cause sleep apnea to develop in susceptible people. Mehra says that, in general, a ten percent reduction in your weight will lead to a thirty percent improvement in your sleep apnea symptoms. She also points out that the opposite is true, and that an extra ten percent in weight will worsen sleep apnea by 30 percent.


Seek Intervention


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According to https://www.robinsoncosmeticsurgery.com/procedures/, some people experience severe bouts of sleep apnea which can result in things like obesity and heart attacks. In these situations, ignoring sleep apnea is not an option: the condition has to be dealt with immediately. Fortunately, there are operations designed to reduce the effects of sleep apnea and keep the airways open at night. Operations involve things like straightening the nasal septum, removing turbinates and interventions directly on the throat.


Participate In A Study


One of the best ways to get an accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea, says Doctor Mehra, is to take part in a study. In many of these studies, you’ll get to try novel treatments, like wearing a mask while you sleep designed to keep the airways open.


Avoid Alcohol




Finally, experts like Mehra suggest that people who are susceptible to sleep apnea avoid alcohol. Speaking on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/, she says that alcohol makes the condition worse and can result in severe side effects.


Are You Heart Healthy?



Being healthy is more than just eating salads and joining a gym – even if it seems like the only option you have. When you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, more than just your weight suffers, your heart does too. Whether you’ve got a soft spot for fast food or an aversion to exercise, you could be putting one of your vital organs at risk! To make sure that you live longer and benefit from a better level of health later on in life, these heart-healthy tips can help.


Nourish Your Body


It’s easy to think that you need to restrict your food intake in when you want to get healthy or shift some weight. More often than not, it’s the wrong attitude to have. Instead, you need to be nourishing your body with both food and regular exercise. When you start to exercise, or up your levels, you need to ensure you’re fuelling your workouts and not restricting yourself. Eating a hearty breakfast or wholegrain toast or cereal can help your heart health here.


Stay Hydrated


Our bodies are mainly made up of water. So, being dehydrated can be dangerous. Not only can your organs suffer and struggle to run properly, you’ll also be damaging your energy levels and concentration too. Drinking more water and ensuring that you’re properly hydrated can help your skin to look clearer and to keep your heart pumping well too. So you get healthier on the inside and out.


Stay Smoke Free


Smoking isn’t good – we all know that. But it’s not that simple to quit when you’ve been smoking for a long period of time. If you really want to help your heart, you’re going to want to do what you can to make a change. Switch from the standard tobacco cigarettes to the best e cigarettes you can find to suit your lifestyle and smoking needs. It will also help to stay away from secondhand smoke – the most deadliest of all.


Let Your Body Heal


We might think that sleep is fun, because we get to rest and chill out a little, but it’s also crucial for your heart health and your health in general. When we sleep, our bodies heal. Our organs might still be working away, but our bodies help them heal too. When you lack in sleep, your heart has to work harder to get the same amount of work done in a day. So, if you only make one change, try to make more time for a better quality of sleep. It really will make the world of difference.


Find A Balance


We’ve talked nourishing your body, now it’s time to talk balance. While you should never restrict your food intake, it’s not always the best idea to overindulge either. When you binge on junk food, your health suffers. There is a lot of truth in the old saying “you are what you eat”. So, it’s best to find a healthy balance. By all means enjoy a hearty burger on a Saturday night, but your heart will stay healthier is you balance it out with a few vegetable or salad loaded meals in the week too.


Weird Things You Never Knew Could Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity


Diabetes is an unfortunate reality for millions of people worldwide. Currently, it’s the world’s fastest growing chronic disease condition and one of the biggest causes of morbidity with nearly 400 million people expected to suffer from the disease by 2030.


Diabetes is caused when the body’s sensitivity to insulin is reduced. Eating too much fat, meat and sugar in combination lead to higher levels of fat inside cells. These fat-engorged cells then become less efficient at extracting sugar from the blood, requiring more and more insulin. Higher levels of insulin, in turn, promote more weight gain and fat storage, leading to a cycle that can result in obesity and diabetes.


The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to prevent diabetes by improving your insulin sensitivity and putting your pancreas under less strain. Check out these ideas.


Trick #1: Hug Somebody You Love


In the West, we’ve gotten used to the idea that there’s a separation between the mind and the body. It’s called the “mind-body” duality, and it has a significant impact on the way we think about the world. In essence, it’s the idea that our thoughts don’t affect the world around us. No matter how much we want to levitate our cars and fly them across town to work, reality won’t oblige.




But when it comes to the body, Western thinking has taken this mind-body duality too far. While it’s true that our minds can manipulate external physical reality, they can cause knock-on effects within our body. Science is showing that how we think really can affect how our bodies function.


Take insulin sensitivity, for instance. It can be increased by a chemical called oxytocin, something that our bodies secrete during positive social interactions. Without this chemical, insulin sensitivity actually declines, which might be why people who live by themselves have worse health outcomes than those who don’t. Researchers tested the theory by spraying extra oxytocin up people’s noses to see if it had an effect. But you don’t need to carry around nasal spray with you all day long to stave off diabetes. All you need are things like hugs, great conversations and lots of sex.


Trick #2: Sleep In A Hammock




Bed sleeping has become the norm for most people living in Europe and North America. But research has shown that hammock sleeping might actually be better for you. It’s long been known that getting a good night’s sleep helps improve insulin sensitivity. Sleep helps us cells clear out all the junk which can get in the way of the insulin signal. It also helps us resist snacking on junk food throughout the day. Now researchers have shown that the same is true for sleeping in a hammock, perhaps to an even greater extent.


Trick #3: Cook With Ginger And Garlic


Ginger and garlic are delicious to cook with and provide the basis for Chinese and Indian cooking. But they’re also incredibly good for you. Ginger is actually a part of the same family of vegetables as turmeric – a spice which has dozens of purported health benefits. Garlic is great too, helping to maintain a balanced microbiome. Both ginger and garlic have also been shown to help with insulin sensitivity and diabetes in the lab. Ginger, for instance, helps many type 2 diabetic patients regain their insulin sensitivity, partially reversing their condition. Garlic has also been shown to be beneficial in animal experiments, helping fructose-fed rats do the same.


Trick #4: Meditate


Remember what we said about “mind-body” duality? Well, nothing quite breaks down the barriers between the two more than meditation. The reason meditation has been practiced by Eastern cultures for millennia is that it has life-affirming and improving outcomes. Science has shown that it helps to reduce the levels of hormones in the body, like the stress hormone cortisol, which can be damaging if they remain at too high a level for too long.


Meditation also helps to get the body out of the “fight or flight” state, something which temporarily increases the amount of sugar in the blood stream (just in case it is needed to run away from a threat). This reduces the amount of insulin required, helping to improve insulin sensitivity in the process.


Trick #5: Drink Plenty Of Tea


Insulin resistance occurs when insulin molecules come knocking on the cellular door, but the cell doesn’t allow any sugar in causing levels in the bloodstream to spike. Researchers have shown, however, that green tea reduces insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes, allowing them to take fewer insulin shots.


Has Photography Overtaken Content In Blogging?

The first blogs were about words. They rarely had pictures, and if they did, they were badly lit and often out of focus. Blogging was an extension of keeping a journal, only one where you let others behind the scenes.


Blogging in 2017 is very, very different. Now, it’s hard to see past the amount of images available – and what stunning images they are. From the beautifully curated Instagram grids to the product review photos bathed in light; blog photography has changed. It’s gone from a quick snap in the back garden to an industry in and of itself, involving shoot locations for that perfect background, complicated DSLR cameras, and studio lighting props nestled into bloggers’ bedrooms.


It all leads to the thought… what’s more important in modern blogging – is it the words or the photography?

When you look at the major bloggers, the big players whose site is their entire career, then you’d be forgiven for assuming that it’s photography that has stolen the crown. Posts often contain multiple images from a million different angles. Now we don’t read reviews of beauty products, we look at the pictures, the swatches, the comparisons to previous releases. The words are there and we’ll scan them, but we won’t do the reverse and read the words without studying the pictures.


Nevertheless, text is still there. Even on Instagram – the home of photography – people use text to talk, engage, and explore the platform. People still write long blog posts and they still get shared; there’s an appetite for both.


If you blog, the key seems to be to know what matters. If you’re writing a highly personal post, then the photography doesn’t matter as much. A couple of stock photos or basics you have snapped will suffice, just to break up the text if nothing else.


However, if you’re reviewing something or talking about a holiday you have taken, then the photos become all the more important. People don’t want to just hear about what an item looks like, they want to see it in action, see if it comes off as well in your photos as it does the highly-altered brand photos.


This is all the more important for fashion bloggers. Photos of clothes we see at online stores and as physical mannequins… they’re pretty much useless. They’re being displayed on models for a start, and then they will go through a PhotoShop process that makes them look even better.


One of the reasons fashion bloggers have risen to prominence (to the point of attending runway shows that were once the reserve of the fashion magazine elite) is that they are relatable. Real clothes in real situations, worn by real people. If you want to fashion blog but don’t much care for photography, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

As always, the answer to the question at hand is: “both”. While photographs are becoming more and more influential – especially for particular blogging niches – there is still a need for high-quality content, written by people with a talent for writing. There’s room for everyone!


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We Just Can’t Wait Until The Weekend

For most of us, our jobs are a stress filled affair. In fact, there are few careers that are free from worries. But, don’t think that admitting your job stresses you out means you’re doing the wrong thing. The opposite is true. If you’re chilled about your job, the chances are that you don’t care about it in the way you should. When you’re doing something that means a lot, you get stressed about it. Because it matters! And, some jobs are naturally stressful. If you have a lot of responsibility, there’s no way you can be relaxed about what you’re doing.

Yet, exposure to high levels of stress is bad for our health. It can lead us closer to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. And, that’s not all. As well as physical problems, stress can lead to major mental health setbacks. To save ourselves suffering from stress, it’s important to take a break now and again. That’s why the weekend is important! It’s our time to kick back, put work to one side, and let our minds and bodies relax a little. If you feel like stress is getting on top of you, you may not be making the most of your weekends. Here’s a little guide about how to work a weekend worth having.

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We all know that wonderful Friday feeling don’t we? Nothing beats waking up on Friday morning, knowing there’s only one day to go until you can unwind. In many ways, Fridays are the best thing about the weekend. Once Saturday comes, the clock is ticking. And, we all know that time moves too fast when we’re having fun. On Friday, though, you have the whole blissful weekend still to come. And, everyone else is in as good a mood as you. So, the day is pretty much guaranteed to be a good one. Barring any major disasters, anyway. It’s important you start embracing Fridays for the joy they are. If it helps, count them as part of your weekend. Technically, they are. Friday evenings count, right? This change in your frame of mind means that you have one extra day to play with.

It can also help to use Fridays to destress your brain. It can take a little while to unwind. Often, we don’t feel relaxed until Saturday evening. And the weekend is half over by then! Turn Friday into your unwind day by shuffling your work if possible. Get all your stressful tasks for the day out the way early. If possible, spend the afternoon on admin, or other low pressure jobs. That way, you can enter the weekend already in the right frame of mind.

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It’s also worth developing some Friday night routines. Popping to the shop to buy some treats after you finished is a good signifier to your brain that it’s time to relax. If you do this every week, it will soon become the only way you want to start your weekend. It can also help to have a glass of wine or two on a Friday night. You may not want to get drunk – that would ruin your Saturday. But, a glass or two will, again, signal relaxation to your brain. You could even stock up on some fun wine stuff for the occasion. Treat yourself to some Friday night wine glasses, and keep them for Fridays only! These will become the perfect Friday night treat.


The best way to make the most of your weekends is to go someplace new. Sticking around the same old places will not be the best way to refresh yourself. And, if you stay home for two days straight, you may feel like it’s time wasted. Saturday is the best day to get away, because you can let go, knowing you have another day still to come. It is when you will be in the best mood, and so most receptive to new experiences. You don’t have to travel for hours to get someplace new, either. Visiting local towns you haven’t been to before, or walking somewhere new, is all it takes. This time away is crucial for helping you forget about work for the day.

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And, if you want to go further afield, you can do that, too. It may be worth planning all the places you would like to go. Then, you can make plans for the Saturdays coming up. This has the bonus of giving you something to look forward to. And, that in itself can help to relax you. When planning what you want to do, bear in mind that you only have one day. Though going away is fantastic for weekends, it’s also important that you don’t spend too long traveling. You get enough of that during the week, right?


Sundays are the perfect day for staying home. You’ll be glowing from your time away the day before, and will be able to completely relax. Chances are, you’ll have some housework to do during your time off. Get it out of the way as early as you can on Sunday. Then, you can enjoy the rest of your day. Spend the time doing whatever relaxes you most. It may be that you love to sit in front of the television. Or, you might like to read. These are things we rarely allow ourselves time to do. Even on the weekends, we often feel guilty about wasting time. But, remind yourself that you’re doing it for the sake of your sanity. You deserve the time to unwind. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ve done all your jobs. And, you did something worthwhile with your Saturday.

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If you’re not used to unwinding in this way, it may take some getting used to. Be patient, and strict with yourself. The more you relax, the more accustomed you’ll become to the feeling. And, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits in every aspect of your life!


Health – Is Surgery The Answer?



One thing that everyone wants from life is to be healthy. Eating anything and everything and not exercising sounds cool, but the novelty never lasts. After a while, we all begin to feel self-conscious about the way we look. The problem that lots of us face is that we can’t hit our goals with a bargepole. No matter how hard we try, the weight just doesn’t budge, and that’s a problem. There is an answer, and that answer is surgery. However, thanks to the stigma, it seems like a measure that will make us feel guiltier than healthier. The question isn’t about what other people think – it’s about how we will feel. And, surgery does have the potential to make us feel better and healthier.


These are a few of the reasons why.


It’s Effective


If we were to ask 60% of people with a gastric band, they would say that they experienced positive results. What that means is that surgery works six out of ten times. The figures might not fill all of us with confidence, but we need to think about it rationally. Tens of thousands of people go under the knife every year, which means thousands of people are happy with the results. If we compare it with other surgeries, the success rate would seem even greater. For the most part, surgery is the answer because it helps people like us lose weight within the first year. Even if there are minimal results in year one, there is plenty of time for the effects to kick in.



It’s Not Too Expensive


Almost every single one of us will ponder the cost of gastric bypass surgery beforehand. The truth is that we should think about the cost because surgery isn’t cheap. But, we also shouldn’t have any biases because we know it’s pricey. The reality is that losing weight and keeping the weight is expensive. Just think about how much the average person spends on a gym membership. Over the course of the year, the expense could total a couple of hundred. Add the price of eating healthily and buying supplements and the price skyrockets. In comparison, the cost of surgery doesn’t seem too expensive.


It Enhances Lifestyle


Struggling to lose weight isn’t enjoyable. In fact, it can make us feel worthless and ugly. The worse thing is that these emotions spill over into our everyday lives. So, when we wake up, we can feel a range of emotions that make life harder. The only way we will feel better is to start getting results. On the flip side, surgery doesn’t tend to hurt our mental health. For one thing, the results are sudden and long lasting, plus the recovery time is minimal. As a result, we can leave the hospital and start to feel the positives straight away. A positive mental attitude does work wonders, and surgery can help fix a bad attitude.



A word of warning: don’t assume that surgery is a quick fix. There are benefits, but they are also negatives that you need to address.


Why Put Yourself On Paper?

The entirety of your life cannot be summed up by a few words on a piece of paper. We all know that. We’re complex, sometimes contradictory and often confusing creatures. But if we want to get the best out of life, clearing up that confusion can be important. And doing a little personal audit is one of the best ways to do that.

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Keep sight of your goals

Goals are funny things. They should get us excited and motivated but a lot of the time, when we think about them, we end up getting depressed because they seem so far. That’s because we don’t give them the focus they deserve. The stresses and responsibilities of life get in the way and out priorities slip. That’s why it’s important, every now and then, to make a list of goals yourself. Put down your long-term aims and the short-term steps you’re taking to get closer to them.

Get the truth of relationships

If being one person is confusing enough, then wanting to permanently (or at least on a long-term basis) throw someone else in there can double the confusion. It’s a lot worse if you don’t figure out the truth of what you want, however. Many people don’t really know what they’re looking for in a relationship. They have standards, but not goals. Now is the time to list out the truly most important qualities you look for in a part. If you’re unsure, then it could be a good idea to use a little divine guidance like readings from http://astrostyle.com. Ignore the trivial and the superficial for now. Think beliefs, behaviors, and virtues like compassion, decency, or motivation.

Take stock

Looking at what you want from the future is important. However, if you don’t give yourself credit then all you see are unticked boxes and no achievements. Taking stock of your life, as recommended at http://www.skillsyouneed.com is essential. If you don’t see and believe in your own achievement, it’s all too easy to think that you genuinely can’t achieve anything. Congratulate yourself when you deserve it and use the positivity as fuel to keep going.

Be truly self-aware

A lot of people think they understand themselves pretty well. They think about times they’ve been brave, times when they’ve been stupid, all the big moments that they think make the sum of their life and personality. But those aren’t really what make you who you are. Being mindful, paying real awareness to how you interact with the world and how others react to you or situations they’re in can give you the real skinny on the most common of your characteristics. You need to be more present in the world to truly better understand yourself, listing characteristics you could change or capitalize on. Soul-searching is just navel-gazing if you’re ignorant of the people around you.

The next time you’re feeling in a rut or wondering what you’re doing with life, get out a couple pieces of paper. You will feel a lot better when you express what you want, what you’re proud of, and what you can fix. It can give you the focus to take action and sort your life out if only a little bit.