How To Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight


Most people don’t know it, but their bodies are actually pretty dumb. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that they would be. After all, they’re just a bunch of cells going about their business and responding to their environment mindlessly.


It’s this mindlessness that can get the body into trouble. Our bodies think that they have to hold on to energy in the form of fat because, thanks to evolution, they’re never certain that the next hunting season will work out okay. They are programmed to store fat just in case the rains don’t come, or the hunt fails. They don’t realize that food can be purchased from the grocery story whenever we want and that there’s more food around that anybody could possibly ever eat.


But that the same dumbness can be used to your advantage. In other words, your body can be tricked into losing weight if you send the right hormonal signals. Here’s how to do it.


Pick Up Hormone-Boosting Foods


According to an article by Fitness To Go, human growth hormone is one of the most potent muscle building and fat-destroying agents in the body. People with high levels of growth hormone are more athletic and look younger than those with less. The cool thing about growth hormone is that you can supercharge the levels of it in your body by buying the right foods. Blueberries, low-fat soft cheese, Greek yogurt, and walnuts have all been shown to have a remarkable effect on hormone levels, helping to restore your body to its healthy state.


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According to Natasha Turner, the author of The Hormone Boost, recent studies have shown that obese people who drink blueberry smoothies once per day experience a 22 percent improvement in their insulin sensitivity. Better insulin sensitivity leads to better fat metabolism which leads to lower weight.


Listen To Your Body


So long as it is functioning properly, your body is very good at knowing precisely the kinds of foods that it needs, be it protein, fat or carbs. Often you’ll find yourself getting cravings for certain foods if your diet isn’t complete and well balanced. For instance, if you’re craving sweet food and can never seem to eat enough, this might be because you’re not getting enough protein. Protein is an essential building block in the body and is required to repair your muscle tissue after a workout.


Craving sweet food can be the result of other factors, however. For instance, people crave sugary foods when they are stressed, haven’t had enough sleep or haven’t eaten enough carbs. Trick your body into losing weight by eating the healthiest carbs, like beans, whole grains, and vegetables.


Fill Your Plate With Fiber


People who eat diets that are full of fiber are also those that lose the most weight. One of the reasons for this is that the fiber in the food feed bacteria in the gut which produce helpful, weight loss chemicals that help the body. Those on a high-fiber diet experience more sustained weight loss because the ecosystem in their guts is healthier. 


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