Health – Is Surgery The Answer?



One thing that everyone wants from life is to be healthy. Eating anything and everything and not exercising sounds cool, but the novelty never lasts. After a while, we all begin to feel self-conscious about the way we look. The problem that lots of us face is that we can’t hit our goals with a bargepole. No matter how hard we try, the weight just doesn’t budge, and that’s a problem. There is an answer, and that answer is surgery. However, thanks to the stigma, it seems like a measure that will make us feel guiltier than healthier. The question isn’t about what other people think – it’s about how we will feel. And, surgery does have the potential to make us feel better and healthier.


These are a few of the reasons why.


It’s Effective


If we were to ask 60% of people with a gastric band, they would say that they experienced positive results. What that means is that surgery works six out of ten times. The figures might not fill all of us with confidence, but we need to think about it rationally. Tens of thousands of people go under the knife every year, which means thousands of people are happy with the results. If we compare it with other surgeries, the success rate would seem even greater. For the most part, surgery is the answer because it helps people like us lose weight within the first year. Even if there are minimal results in year one, there is plenty of time for the effects to kick in.



It’s Not Too Expensive


Almost every single one of us will ponder the cost of gastric bypass surgery beforehand. The truth is that we should think about the cost because surgery isn’t cheap. But, we also shouldn’t have any biases because we know it’s pricey. The reality is that losing weight and keeping the weight is expensive. Just think about how much the average person spends on a gym membership. Over the course of the year, the expense could total a couple of hundred. Add the price of eating healthily and buying supplements and the price skyrockets. In comparison, the cost of surgery doesn’t seem too expensive.


It Enhances Lifestyle


Struggling to lose weight isn’t enjoyable. In fact, it can make us feel worthless and ugly. The worse thing is that these emotions spill over into our everyday lives. So, when we wake up, we can feel a range of emotions that make life harder. The only way we will feel better is to start getting results. On the flip side, surgery doesn’t tend to hurt our mental health. For one thing, the results are sudden and long lasting, plus the recovery time is minimal. As a result, we can leave the hospital and start to feel the positives straight away. A positive mental attitude does work wonders, and surgery can help fix a bad attitude.



A word of warning: don’t assume that surgery is a quick fix. There are benefits, but they are also negatives that you need to address.


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