Homely Gifts For New Property Owners



It’s always a challenge to think of something good to get new property owners. After all, a lot of the time they already have everything they need for the house. Especially if they are not first-time buyers. But if they invite you over for a housewarming, you feel obliged to get them something for their new house. When you are looking for a gift, it’s a good idea to choose an item which will bring a homely feel to the house. After all, when we buy a new property, we are always trying to create that cozy atmosphere, and familiar feel that we had at our previous home. And it can be challenging to get that same feel in the new house. Therefore, here are some homely gifts you can get for new property owners.




There’s something about candles which turns a stressed out room into a cozy haven. In fact, if you turn off the lights and just sit with candlelight, it can make you feel more sleepy and relaxed. And not only will they help the new owners to relax, but candles are also a great accessory to add color to the property. If the living room is neutral colored, some bright colored candles will give the room a pop of color. And can instantly give the whole room some much-needed character. It might even give the new home owners some ideas of colors to paint the room if you do opt for candles. There are so many different types that you are often spoilt for choice when buying candles. It might be the case you go for just one large candle which will take ages to burn out. That way, they can use it in their property for months to come. Or you might want want to go for small tea light candles with a holder which they can use when they want to add some light to the room. And don’t forget to consider scented candles too for a homely gift for the property owners. It will lift the house with familiar scents. In fact, if you go for a cozy linen or a beautiful lavender, it’s bound to make them feel more at home sooner rather than later. And cooking is always an excellent way to bring a homely smell to the property. So you could opt for something like a cookie or even a chocolate scented candle to make it feel more homely!






Another thing you can get for property owners that will ensure they fit right into their new home is flowers. After all, a beautiful bunch of flowers can help a property feel brighter and give a homely feel. In fact, if the new owners haven’t done much to the house already, the flowers can give it a touch of their tastes. Not only this but it can be a good present for the whole family. Therefore, you won’t end up having to buy separate gifts. Of course, there are a lot of options when it comes to flowers. For one thing, you should decide if you want to go real or fake. After all, fake flowers will last longer in the property. Therefore, it will always be a touching reminder of what you bought them for the humble abode. But fresh flowers have a lovely aroma which will give the property a homely feel. And to make the gift even more special, you can get the flowers delivered to them on the moving date. In fact, you can look online for companies who offer this flower delivery service to the new homeowners. And it will be a wonderful surprise when they receive them when they move in. As for colors, don’t be afraid to go for something bright and beautiful for the new homeowners. After all, it’s a special occasion, and it will lift the room if there is little color already. Or if you want to get them something which will suit the specific room, ask your friend about their color scheme before you buy the flowers.


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For a lot of people, they struggle to get comfortable in their new home with the plain walls. After all, it doesn’t feel like their property if it still has the old owner’s decor. And it has little that reminds them that it’s their own home. Therefore, if you want to ensure the property owners settle in quickly, you should opt to get them photos which they can put around the home. After all, photographs of them with friends and family will give their home a lift. And moreover, it can make the property feel more homely if there are great shots of them with their loved ones. It can even help them sleep better if they wake up in the night. After all, it can always be a challenge to get shut eye in the new house for the first few nights. But if they wake up and see a lovely photo, it can soon help them drift off to sleep. You could get some lovely photos in frames they can put around their home. Go for a couple which they can dot around their house. Or even go for a couple of larger frames which will make great feature pieces in their living room. Or even opt for canvases instead as a lovely homely gift for the new property owners. Go for a favorite photo of theirs (you can’t go wrong if you opt for a profile picture/cover photo on their social media accounts), and then get it scaled into a beautiful canvas which they can put in the property!


And you might not realize that clutter is often the cause of a house full of stress. And rather than a homely feel, it can make you not want to be in the property. Therefore, to ensure the new house oozes cozy vibes, go for something to declutter their new home. For example, a grand chest or even a set of drawers will ensure they have somewhere for their items to live!

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