We Just Can’t Wait Until The Weekend

For most of us, our jobs are a stress filled affair. In fact, there are few careers that are free from worries. But, don’t think that admitting your job stresses you out means you’re doing the wrong thing. The opposite is true. If you’re chilled about your job, the chances are that you don’t care about it in the way you should. When you’re doing something that means a lot, you get stressed about it. Because it matters! And, some jobs are naturally stressful. If you have a lot of responsibility, there’s no way you can be relaxed about what you’re doing.

Yet, exposure to high levels of stress is bad for our health. It can lead us closer to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. And, that’s not all. As well as physical problems, stress can lead to major mental health setbacks. To save ourselves suffering from stress, it’s important to take a break now and again. That’s why the weekend is important! It’s our time to kick back, put work to one side, and let our minds and bodies relax a little. If you feel like stress is getting on top of you, you may not be making the most of your weekends. Here’s a little guide about how to work a weekend worth having.

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We all know that wonderful Friday feeling don’t we? Nothing beats waking up on Friday morning, knowing there’s only one day to go until you can unwind. In many ways, Fridays are the best thing about the weekend. Once Saturday comes, the clock is ticking. And, we all know that time moves too fast when we’re having fun. On Friday, though, you have the whole blissful weekend still to come. And, everyone else is in as good a mood as you. So, the day is pretty much guaranteed to be a good one. Barring any major disasters, anyway. It’s important you start embracing Fridays for the joy they are. If it helps, count them as part of your weekend. Technically, they are. Friday evenings count, right? This change in your frame of mind means that you have one extra day to play with.

It can also help to use Fridays to destress your brain. It can take a little while to unwind. Often, we don’t feel relaxed until Saturday evening. And the weekend is half over by then! Turn Friday into your unwind day by shuffling your work if possible. Get all your stressful tasks for the day out the way early. If possible, spend the afternoon on admin, or other low pressure jobs. That way, you can enter the weekend already in the right frame of mind.

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It’s also worth developing some Friday night routines. Popping to the shop to buy some treats after you finished is a good signifier to your brain that it’s time to relax. If you do this every week, it will soon become the only way you want to start your weekend. It can also help to have a glass of wine or two on a Friday night. You may not want to get drunk – that would ruin your Saturday. But, a glass or two will, again, signal relaxation to your brain. You could even stock up on some fun wine stuff for the occasion. Treat yourself to some Friday night wine glasses, and keep them for Fridays only! These will become the perfect Friday night treat.


The best way to make the most of your weekends is to go someplace new. Sticking around the same old places will not be the best way to refresh yourself. And, if you stay home for two days straight, you may feel like it’s time wasted. Saturday is the best day to get away, because you can let go, knowing you have another day still to come. It is when you will be in the best mood, and so most receptive to new experiences. You don’t have to travel for hours to get someplace new, either. Visiting local towns you haven’t been to before, or walking somewhere new, is all it takes. This time away is crucial for helping you forget about work for the day.

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And, if you want to go further afield, you can do that, too. It may be worth planning all the places you would like to go. Then, you can make plans for the Saturdays coming up. This has the bonus of giving you something to look forward to. And, that in itself can help to relax you. When planning what you want to do, bear in mind that you only have one day. Though going away is fantastic for weekends, it’s also important that you don’t spend too long traveling. You get enough of that during the week, right?


Sundays are the perfect day for staying home. You’ll be glowing from your time away the day before, and will be able to completely relax. Chances are, you’ll have some housework to do during your time off. Get it out of the way as early as you can on Sunday. Then, you can enjoy the rest of your day. Spend the time doing whatever relaxes you most. It may be that you love to sit in front of the television. Or, you might like to read. These are things we rarely allow ourselves time to do. Even on the weekends, we often feel guilty about wasting time. But, remind yourself that you’re doing it for the sake of your sanity. You deserve the time to unwind. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ve done all your jobs. And, you did something worthwhile with your Saturday.

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If you’re not used to unwinding in this way, it may take some getting used to. Be patient, and strict with yourself. The more you relax, the more accustomed you’ll become to the feeling. And, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits in every aspect of your life!


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