Put The Excitement Back Into Date Nights At Home

When a relationship is only just starting, you’re crazy about each other, and there’s no shortage of ideas for memorable and exciting dates. However, a few years down the line, once you’ve been living together for a fair amount of time, all that fire can begin to fade, and time and money can get in the way of the constant excitement you both remember. If Friday nights in with your partner usually mean sweatpants and screens, here are a few pointers for spicing up the next one…


Source: Pexels

Plan in Advance

With modern life being so fast-paced and hectic, a lot of couples end up winging their at-home date nights, which usually ends in sitting around, not doing much of anything! Get around this by planning out your date nights well in advance. Pick a theme every month or week, and aim to plan everything from the food and drinks to your activities around that theme.

Try to Work Around your Kids

If your kids are little, they obviously need looking after pretty much around the clock, which leaves very little room for quality time with your better half. You can work around your parental responsibilities by setting a date on the calendar (write it down so you don’t forget!) when you’ll put the kids to bed early. Make the dinner something easy, and a sure-fire family favourite, so that there’s no fuss when bedtime rolls around.

Keep the Cooking (and Cleaning) Simple

Unless you’ve picked a theme that calls for a large and extravagant meal, try to create a nice relaxed mood for your date by keeping cooking and cleaning to a bare minimum. Alternatively, you can prepare everything from scratch in advance, buy sides and dessert ahead of time, and shave several minutes off the time it takes to whip up a delicious, romantic, home-cooked meal. If it’s in the budget, you may even want to hire a home catering service. This isn’t exactly a negligible expense, but when you stack up the points of catering vs restaurant dining, the experience can be well worth it. Start looking for ways to make cooking quicker and easier now, and you’ll be in the perfect mood when your at-home date night comes around.

Dress to Impress

The best at-home date nights should feel as exciting and magical as any night on the town, so give it a finishing touch by spending a long time on your hair, makeup and clothes. Though it may be a little hard to convince your guy to play ball, get him to change too! This way, you’ll both look, feel and smell your best on your romantic night in.

Have Fun

Most importantly of all, throw all these tips out the window if they’re going to make you feel a little awkward or over-the top. The whole point of nights at home is to reconnect with your partner, enjoy each other’s company, and wash away the stress of day-to-day working life. Regardless of what you read on this blog and others, make sure you’re having fun!


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