Fashion Hurts

Fashion. Style. Beauty. We love them; they enrich our lives, become a hobby, something we love and cultivate us. They’re like a pet almost, filling up our lives with color and interest… and just like a pet, they can bite us.


No one likes to think of the downsides of our enjoyment of these things, but they do exist. Sometimes, the best way of handling it is just to dig right down into the nitty gritty and find solutions – admitting it’s an issue is the first step, but the second is tackling it.


If you’re confused about how your love of fashion and beauty might be hurting you (and not just in terms of your wallet!), then read on – you might even find some fixes for problems you only just discovered that you had!


High Heels = Sore Legs




Shoes – for many of us, they’re the obsession that we just can’t quit… not that we want to anyway. There’s something about a long, high, stiletto heel that just gets the blood pumping.


Unfortunately, some of that blood tends to be circulating through your legs and feet – and they hurt like fire.


It’s not a given that high heels will be painful, but it is likely given the unnatural way you’re forced to walk. If you wear them too often or for too long, then the first sign of distress will come from the balls of your feet and your calves.


In the short term, magnesium supplements or baths are your best friend; their impact on muscles is detailed at . Try a home massager to try and soothe some of the aggravated muscle knots. If this is a chronic issue for you, then it might be wise to consult the likes of to ensure you’re not doing permanent damage to your muscles or joints. Oh, and wear flats every once in awhile!


Certain Makeup Ingredients = Upset Skin




If you find a makeup product that you love, it can be heartbreaking to realize it seems to contain a component that your body doesn’t agree with. You can find yourself breaking out, or just feeling a general sense of irritation and redness when you use the product.


It’s unlikely that you can change a product to suit you, but you can be more careful in the future. Compare the product you’ve reacted to to those you know are safe, and look for any ingredients only found in the problematic one. This should give you an idea of what to avoid in the future.


If you are dealing with a breakout because of a product, then treat it gently the same way you would any facial spots. Use cold compresses for the redness and under no circumstances should you pop them – no matter how satisfying you’d find it.


Shampoo = Irritated Scalp




There are many ingredients that can cause a scalp reaction, but the most common are SLS and sulfates. As these chemicals are being recognized as a problem more and more, there are plenty of alternatives on the market that don’t include them. Make the switch and see if it makes a difference to your poor scalp – it might even make your hair feel better, too!

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