Enjoy Life to the Fullest by Embracing Simple Pleasures

Life can be full of surprises, incidents and happiness. It’s difficult to try and keep track of everything we can achieve or do in life, hence why a lot of people make a bucket list of things they want to do or achieve before they pass away. However, having a bucket list creates pressure. It makes us feel like we’re wasting our lives when we’re not ticking something off, and life doesn’t need to be filled with adventure or mystery in order for us to enjoy it.


If you want to live your life to the fullest without running around the world skydiving and sampling everything in the world, then here are a couple of simple tips that will help you embrace the simpler pleasures in life.



Appreciate what you have


Far too many people stare at magazines that are filled with celebrity gossip and show you what it’s like to live as a rich and famous person. However, you probably aren’t rich and you most likely aren’t famous. You could achieve that lifestyle if you really wanted, but it’s far easier (and more enjoyable) to simply live your life how you see fit and appreciate the things you have. It could be the feeling of sleeping in on a Saturday morning, a nice warm bath before bed, or even digging into your favourite meal (yes, even if it’s McDonald’s).


Be yourself


As seen at in this article at d69fra.org, peer pressure is a powerful thing. It causes us all to distill our personalities and lose our identity just to fit in. Stop trying to be perfect in someone else’s eyes and be perfect in your own way. Even if all you care about is your personal looks or your video games, don’t neglect the importance of your own identity. Stop trying to copy others for the sake of sitting in, and don’t become a clone of someone you look up to. Create your own identity and be yourself.


The gift of giving


Happiness is all around us, and one of the best ways to achieve happiness is to embrace the gift of giving. It doesn’t need to be something fancy either. A bouquet of Hawaiian flowers from a reputable website such as www.withouraloha.com can be the perfect gesture for any situation. It could be a thank you gift for a friend, a mother’s day present, or even something to brighten up the day of your grandparents. Whatever you chose, it’s the thought that counts and not so much the item itself.


Live in the now


Thinking about the future is a common thing for most of us. We think about our future jobs, our pensions, or children and so on, but that creates unnecessary strain and stress on our bodies. The truth is, even the best-laid plans can fail. Plans are great for giving your life a goal or a sense of achievement when you finally complete your plans, but they’re not a good way to live your life the way you see fit. Some people set plans for themselves at a young age and then stick to them for life, often losing sight of their own happiness or their friends just to achieve their goals. Don’t tunnel vision your dreams, stay lucid and understand that your dreams can change at any time.

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