Working Your Way To Health Problems

Given all the things most of us do to protect our health, it might seem bizarre to learn there is something that you do every single day that might be harming you. Is it some unknown chemical compound you have been inhaling without noticing? Some terrible ingredient you have been consuming for years, but now appears to be carcinogenic?


None of the above. The one thing you could be doing that’s harming your health is… your job.


“Say what now?” you may wonder. “How does that work? That’s just how I make my living!”


It may well be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not making you unwell. Even the most wonderful of jobs – the kind of employment you have daydreamed about for years – can be taking a toll on your body. Not sure if you see the connection? Let’s link the dots…


Type Much? Wrist Problems That Can Befall You


There are few jobs that don’t involve typing in the modern job marketplace. Whether you crawl along at 20 words per minute by typing with one finger, or whizz across the keyboard with the speed of a touch typist – it can all have the same impact.


The particular impact in question is on your wrists. Have you ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, or its lesser-known cousin, ulnar/radial tunnel syndrome? They can have a serious impact on your ability to live your life, thanks to the pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness that they cause in your fingers.


Their primary cause? All that typing. It’s a form of repetitive strain injury, and it will only get worse if you don’t address it. Your wrists should never be held in a bent position for too long; there are splints and keyboard supports that can help you maintain the right position.




Worried About Work? Your Adrenals Are Working Out, Too


Your adrenal glands produce – as you may have deduced – adrenaline, the hormone that is responsible for the feelings of stress and panic we all have. If your work is continually making you feel this unwell, then there’s a good chance it’s only a matter of time before you lapse into adrenal fatigue. The symptoms are wide and varied, but include a general sense of feeling run down and unwell.


If you can think of a way to make your life less stressful then do so, even if it’s only something small. It might be indulging in massages more often, or just taking time to walk your dog or read a book for half an hour. Anything you can do to fight back can make a huge difference.


Sitting At A Desk? Your Spine Knows It




If you sit hunched at a desk for a large part of your workday, then your spine will soon begin to show the strain. Lower back pain may seem like the kind of condition that’s reserved for those who work in manual jobs, but it’s just as likely to strike office-based professions too.


No matter how busy you are, try and stand up for every 15 minutes you spend working at a desk. Stretch a little if possible, too. This helps oxygenate your back, helping to prevent chronic conditions resulting as a result of poor posture.

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