5 Simple Swaps Anyone Can Make To Be Healthier

Being healthy can feel like hard work. We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting information about diet, lifestyle, and exercise. For the average person, this overload can be pretty confusing. The good news? You’re definitely not alone. The health and fitness industry has grown exponentially year on year, and it’s because there’s such a huge number of people wanting to get healthier. If you are one of the many people who want to be healthier but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some simple swaps that anyone can make…


Food Swaps




One of the most common complaints about eating healthily is that a healthy diet isn’t as healthy or tasty as an unhealthy one. This isn’t true, but what is true is that most of us aren’t used to preparing meals entirely from scratch, or extracting maximum flavor from our ingredients. One simple swap is to replace store bought sauces with your own, homemade variations. Take pasta, for instance, a tasty and simple meal. Use vegetables and herbs to make your own sauce. Try roasting some butternut squash with sage. Once it’s completely soft mash it until it resembles a puree. Toss pasta through your puree with some wilted spinach. Alternatively, try ditching a sauce altogether. Roast red onions, cherry tomatoes, and courgettes. Season with lots of salt, pepper, herbs and oil. Once roasted stir through your pasta for a tasty and healthy dish.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Make sure that you’re fuelling your body with healthy food. Swap sugary store bought cereals for either eggs or porridge. Both release lots of energy throughout the morning. Oats also help with digestion and eggs are low in calories. Try topping your porridge with some frozen fruit or compote to keep in interesting.


Lifestyle Swaps




Our lifestyles can often impede our healthy living goals. Bad habits, in particular, can slow us down on our health journey. Drinking and smoking are two common ways to socialize. Those who work in offices often find themselves de-stressing and socializing by taking a cigarette break. Similarly after-work drinks, celebrations, and weekends, often include alcohol. Switch your usual cigarettes for vapes. These are portable, discreet, come in a variety of flavors, and cut down on the amount of smoke you’re inhaling. Have a look on vistavaporscouponcode.com for more information.


Exercise Swaps




A great diet and lifestyle are only half the battle, our bodies need to move too! One great swap which will make us healthier is to change our commute. If you’re able, walk or run to work instead of taking the car. Cycling is another good way to get to work too. Alternatively get off a few stops early and walk part of the way.


Switch up your exercises too. If you do crunches in the hope of getting abs, try planking instead. It’s now considered the best way to start seeing some serious tone. Frequently change your exercise routine to keep yourself interested and improve your health.


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