A Woman’s Guide To Being Beautiful

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What does it mean to be truly beautiful? We all have an idea, and sadly some of us think we fall short. We look at pictures of glamorous models in magazines and gaze enviously at their golden complexions and wonderfully proportioned bodies. Looking in the mirror afterward, we might think we are a poor comparison. I wonder if that is typical of you. If so, it is important you are aware of something. Remember those beautiful models in the magazines you are were looking at? With the aid of computer technology, those pictures have been airbrushed, eliminating any blemishes. The camera doesn’t lie? Yes, sometimes it does.


One of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, said: “Boys think girls are like books, If the cover doesn’t catch their eye they won’t bother to read what’s inside.”

She understood that despite being beautiful on the outside, her inner beauty was overlooked. Hollywood and the majority of her fanbase were obsessed over her face and body. No wonder she struggled with insecurities throughout her career.


Beauty on the outside


It is important that you are happy with who you are. Whatever your body shape is, and however your face looks, there are probably some things you cannot change thanks to your genetics. However, that doesn’t mean giving yourself a makeover is a bad thing. Sometimes we all need a boost in self-confidence, and spending time on our looks is not harmful.


Starting at the top, many women enjoy going to the hair salon for a change in hair. Many salons offer a free consultation, so listen to the advice given. Whether your face is rounded, square or anywhere in between, your stylist will let you know what style best suits you. It is even possible to eliminate those bad hair days by asking for hair smoothing treatment, keeping you in control of your hair at the start of each day.


Looking after your skin, particularly in the hot summer months is vital. Those of you with lighter complexions are more at risk of sunburn than those with darker skin. It is also good to exfoliate weekly to get rid of those pesky zits. Moisturize the last thing at night and first thing in the morning to give your skin that lovely smooth feel, setting you up for the day ahead. A good detox is good too, for flushing out those nasty toxins. Fruit smoothies and plenty of water will make your skin glow, and renew your energy. Choose makeup colors that match your skin tone and eye color and seek advice from a friend or expert if you need too.


When it comes to your body, cardio exercises such as aerobics will help you lose any flab on your bum and tum, and swimming will add muscle strength. Eating healthy is always important, so eat the right foods at mealtimes to give your body the nutrients it needs. Avoid snacking, but if you do make sure you eat fruit and nuts instead of anything sugary. As well as a healthy workout, you need to ensure you get sufficient rest, preventing those tired, dark circles and bags under your eyes.


As we age, our bodies start to lose shape and our skin sags. It is inevitable; we cannot stay young forever. Some women, at least those who can afford it, opt for cosmetic surgery, from a New Jersey breast augmentation specialist, for example, allowing them to throw away those padded bras for a breast implant.


Beauty on the inside


We have all seen those high school movies where the mean girls look beautiful on the outside but are cruel or shallow inside. Don’t let that be you, no matter how beautiful you think you are on the surface.


Often, our first impressions are based on how somebody looks physically. But over time, our thoughts might change as we get to know them. It is the attitude and character of somebody that truly matters, no matter their skin complexion.


Consider your friendships. Why do you value them? Chances are it is because of their kindness, patience, trustworthiness and their ability to make you smile. So be the same, treat others as you want to be treated, and let your real beauty shine through.


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