3 life enhancing tips for the mind and body

If healthy living were easy, everybody would be walking around looking like Hollywood stars or superheroes at their day job, in disguise. Health starts in the mind and radiates outward, eventually commanding the body to become fitter and leaner.

Source – Zsuzsanna Toth


Lean, green fitness machine


Each morning, before your workout, go into the kitchen and liquidate your breakfast. Oxidants and enzymes are a great way to start off the day and are a natural source of vitamins. Healthy smoothies packed with fruits like apples, bananas, pears, oranges, and peaches, have heaps of natural sugars. These natural sugars can act as a replacement for a creatine supplement. As creatine powder drinks, have complex stimulants in them, they increase your heart rate to abnormal levels. However, au naturel stimulants such as green smoothies, are laden with minerals, electrolytes, potassium and magnesium.

Image from Nikon D3100


A desired body image


For women, body image is just as important as a healthy diet, whereas men tend to focus heavily on a muscular physique and strength. Women on average have 13% more fat at any given time in their body than men do. Therefore, the female body is naturally curvy; something many women work hard to achieve by shedding off the pounds in the gym. On the other hand, sometimes it’s not about how fit you are, it’s how you feel in your heart. No matter what somebody else says to boost your confidence, you know you. Something that irritates you about your body is personal and a vulnerable soft spot in your mind. One day you may choose to change something about your facial features, that you’ve always wanted to. There aren’t many tried and trusted plastic surgery practices, like rhinoplasty surgery in San Francisco, that have a history of satisfied patients. Be wary of surgeons who are less than credible before you commit yourself to go under the knife. Do the proper research, ask around, read reviews and compare prices with multiple companies before deciding anything. It’s important not to rush this, and take your time.

Image source – Nayana Thara k


Reps, reps, reps


Men can lift heavy, but women have weaker muscle dexterity. Take this into account, and leave your ego at the front door when you leave home on the way to the gym. Good solid, repetitive movements, with a controlled technique to each exercise, is an excellent way to tone your muscles. A low weight, high rep workout merges cardio with strength endurance, burning off fat and pushing the muscles to the edge. Dumbbell shoulder presses with a light weight is a great way to move the majority of your upper body muscles and get them to become active and sweat. When you sweat your skin is breathing, consequently, your pores open to push out toxic chemicals being released by your body during the workout. To mobilize this further, think about wearing a thin hoody to your workout rather than a vest or t-shirt. Squats are a superb technique for improving the shape of your bottom and shedding any extra pounds on your calves, but remember low weight and high reps burn the most calories.  A strong core takes a little stress off your diaphragm thus helping you to breath deeper fuller. The tried, tested and simple exercise of sit-ups toughens your stomach and strengthens the ab muscles.


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