Getting The Peach You’ve Always Wanted!

So many women no longer focus on being ‘skinny’. Now, the goal is to have a super perky ‘peach’ that looks amazing in both dresses and jeans. Some people think that it’s down to genetics, but the truth is, anybody can get an amazing peach. Read on to find out how!



The only way you’ll permanently change the shape of your butt is to exercise it. There are so many exercises out there that could help you to give it a lift and some shape. Hip thrusters, lunges, squats, and the leg press machine in the gym can all help you to perk up your butt. The trick is to make sure you’re using a challenging weight for about 10 reps, otherwise, you’re not going to see much difference at all!


If you have a flat butt, then starting out by eating a lot of healthy foods can help you to build more muscle and shape!


Wear The Right Clothes

The clothes you wear can actually create the illusion of a perfectly rounded peach. Certain jeans and dresses can help to lift it and make it look great. There are even gym leggings you can buy that put an emphasis on the glutes with special details on the material.


Use Products To Enhance

There are even products you can use to enhance your glutes. Bear in mind that some of these are nothing more than a placebo. The infographic below can help you to figure out what’s right for you!

Infographic design by

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