Comfy But Not Frumpy: Looking Good at Home

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at home, loafing around on the sofa, wearing your comfiest and ugliest clothes. Then, suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. There’s no telling who might be on the other side, and you look like you just rolled out of bed (which you possibly have). Or you’re seeing someone new, and you want to be comfy while they’re visiting, but you’re not ready to completely let your guard down just yet. Or maybe you just want to be comfortable at home without feeling frumpy. Even the most glamorous of people just want to be comfy sometimes, but how can you do it?


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Choose Comfy But Formfitting


Comfortable clothes don’t have to be shapeless. Sure, it’s nice to snuggle into an oversized hoodie sometimes. But other times, you don’t want to feel like you’re swimming around in something that’s much too big for you and hangs on you like a sack. It’s possible for clothes to be comfortable and for them to fit you well. Stretchy fabrics can be your friends here. You can wear clothes that hug your figure but still feel super comfortable and allow you to breathe. Think yoga and lounge pants and simple, stretchy tank tops. These items make great PJs, and they double up as outfits for lounging around the house too.


Go for the Cute Look


If you’re going to spend the day being a slob (which is your right to do occasionally), you might as well look cute while you’re doing it. At least if you have to answer the door to an unexpected visitor, you can own your laziness in the cutest way. If this is your goal, there are lots of cute onesies for adults that are perfect for this. Onesies have become a perfectly acceptable item for adults to wear, whether it’s when they’re lazing about at home or going on a wild night out. And why not? They’re warm and snuggly, and they’re fun too.


Image sourced from Pexels


Get PJs You Can Wear Outside


Would you be happy to wear your pajamas outside of the house, without anyone suspecting that you’re still in your PJs? If not, it might be time to rethink them. You can get lots of quality outfits for wearing to bed or around your home that are also perfectly acceptable for wearing in public. Just as long as you’re wearing them to the store, not to the office. The previously mentioned yoga pants and tank top work well, but there are other options too. You can even get away with a good pair of silk pajamas.


Wear Your Worn Clothes


Some clothes you buy for everyday wear eventually become a bit too worn for their original purpose. But they can still be great for wearing at home, giving you both the comfort and style you’re looking for. If you have clothes you’ve worn for a while, they might have become super comfy, if slightly less presentable.


Being comfortable doesn’t have to mean feeling frumpy, even when you’re at home. You can look and feel good too.

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