Eye Caramba: Factors that Have a Surprising Effect on Your Visual Health

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It’s easy to take your eyes and sight for granted. But a deterioration or loss of sight would have the most dramatic of effects on your life. We worry so much about our weight, blood pressure and other health factors that our visual health is often swept under the carpet until there’s an emergency or seriously worrying change to our eyesight. But our eyes deserve just as much love as the rest of our body. Here are a few things that can have an astounding effect on your eyes without you even noticing it.




Okay, maybe the old wives tale of carrots holding the magical ability to help you see in the dark doesn’t hold up too well when it comes to scientific experimentation. But your diet can have a profound effect on how well your eyes function. Fill your plate with omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and lutein. The easiest places to find these nutrients are citrus fruits and juices, leafy greens, eggs, nuts, beans and oily fishes like salmon and tuna. This will ward of eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.


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Regular eye tests


It’s recommended that you book in for an eye test every two years. Most people don’t bother going until they’re experiencing a noticeable degeneration in their sight. Why wait until there’s a problem? As we all know, prevention is better than cure. So book in with your local eye specialist, and if any problems are found, they can book you in for a further contact eye exam.


Avoid smoking


We all know the numerous risks that smoking poses to our health. But it even goes as far as to cause problems with our eyes! Smoking can damage your optical nerves, increase your risk of cataracts and sight degeneration. So if you do smoke, it might be the time that you look into quitting. Your body will thank you for it.


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Monitor your use of laptops and phones


You know when you were little and your parents would tell you off for staring at the TV for too long? “Your eyes will go square!” Well, maybe your eyes won’t go square, but there was a reason for their warnings. Staring at screens for too long can wreak havoc with your eyes. With jobs requiring the use of the web and the increased popularity of social media, we’re looking at screens more than ever before. But this can cause eye strain. To combat this, make sure that you are wearing the right prescription glasses or contacts (if you need them), avoid glare from windows and artificial lights and take regular breaks from the glow of the blue light emitted from your devices.


Wear Sunglasses


Summer is approaching, so the days are getting longer, and our general outlook is brighter. But remember to protect your eyes. We wear suncream to protect our skin from damaging UV rays. Your eyes aren’t immune to these. Wear sunglasses with sufficient UV protection on sunny days or on vacations to hot, sunny locations.

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