Making A Gift Is Passé, It’s All About Surprising Now

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift? Everybody loves a gift. But it’s even better when the gift is unexpected. When it is a complete surprise that comes to make your day a little sweeter. The beauty of a surprise is that it immediately brings you back to your younger self. The surprise is the most direct way to your inner child. Do you remember him or her? It’s the innocent part of you that still wants to be amazed by the wonders of the world and play on the first occasion. While the fast pace of the adult life often pushes your inner child further away at the back of mind, you can be sure that a playful and cute surprise will bring him or her to the front. Time for laughter, fun, and amazement again, with fun surprises that you can make to your friends and relatives to smooth out their day. The good thing about surprises is that you don’t need a reason for it – that’s why they’re called a surprise. So here are a few ideas.


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Delight The Future Mother With An Unexpected Afternoon

A mother-to-be tends to receive a multitude of cute baby clothes and baby equipment. Often, you have two different ways of making a present: You could do it during the baby shower party – if there is one – or you could wait until you meet the baby for the first time. Why stick to the classic timing and presents when you could be creative? Your pregnant friend would appreciate spending an afternoon with friends like in the old days. Pregnant women, while they are always excited about having a baby, often feel that they are being treated with extreme caution by relatives and friends.They are worried that having a baby might come in between them and their friends. Spend an afternoon together, sharing sweet drinks and cakes while gossiping about the town news and the everyday life. It’s the best way to show them that you’re still friends!  


Make Someone’s Day A Little Better At Work

If you know of a friend who is having a stressful week or who is overworked, while not surprise them with a flower delivery to their office? It’s guaranteed to brighten up their day. Of course, it doesn’t take the stress away. But it will remind them that, whatever happens, you are thinking of them. The office delivery works with a box of chocolates too, by the way. So you are sure to find something for everyone!


Welcome Him Tonight And Revive His Playfulness

Do you remember the first weeks of your relationship, when everything was new and exciting? Long-term relationships can become part of the everyday routine, and while there is still a lot of love and tenderness, everything becomes a habit. So, why not break out of the routine vicious circle and surprise him for a romantic scavenger hunt tonight? All you need is to prepare the clues for him to follow, leading him to dinner… or to a hotel, if you are feeling adventurously naughty.


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