Symptoms You Really Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

We don’t want to go Googling every sniffle and every ache that comes up. That way madness lies. However, there are some symptoms that are worrying enough to take the check-up. If you’re feeling any of the following, you need to see a doctor. The innocuous answer might be the most likely, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in serious danger if you just leave it be.



Chest pain

There are a lot of reasons, many of them fairly innocent, when you might experience the odd sensation of pain in the chest or tightness. However, the pain is one of the most ignored warning signs of a heart attack, as well. There’s a chance that while experiencing a squeezing pain that you are suffering from angina, which means that no permanent damage has been done to the heart so long as you deal with it as soon as possible. Other causes of chest pain include abscesses in the lungs or infection of the sac around the heart. Both of which are dangerous enough in their own right.

Worsening vision

It’s easily accepted as just a part of old age. But you shouldn’t follow the common temptation of believing your eyesight won’t get worse or that it’s not related to other conditions. For one, corrective treatments like LASIK surgery are a lot more effective if they’re done earlier. However, changes in vision can be related to strokes, diabetes, and several other serious disorders that need immediate treatment.

Shortness of breath

This isn’t about feeling out of breath after a run. If you feel easily out of breath after walking or even talking despite being in relative good fitness and you experience it with other symptoms like regular dry coughs or wheezing, shortness of breath can be a symptom of pulmonary hypertension. It also tends to be one of the first physically noticeable symptoms of anxiety, which can be dealt with more effectively if you take note of it sooner.

Back pain

Again, this is a symptom you might chalk up to old age. A lot of back pain is easily remedied by fixing posture with things like more stretching and using a more ergonomic chair at work or at home. However, it can also be a sign of osteoporosis which can do permanent damage to your bones if not taken care of.


The causes for a toothache all tend to be around the same area. Besides naturally sensitive teeth, it’s usually down to things like poor dental care. But it can get a lot more serious than needing a filling. Untreated toothaches can lead to serious oral infections. Not only can bacteria travel to the heart from such infections, but abscesses can prove a lethal risk by growing so much they cut off airflow.

People don’t like to get their pains seen to for a variety of reasons. They’re worried about insurance implications, wasting doctor time, or even about the possibility their suspicions might be right. However, with the symptoms above, the sooner you get checked out, the better. You could be saving yourself from a real catastrophe in future.


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