It’s Time To Open Your Arms To Technology!

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There’s no denying that technology is one of the most important aspects of modern life. It’s practically taken over some incredibly significant parts of everyday life and, for good or ill, there’s no going back on that. Because of the sheer prevalence of technology, it’s incredibly easy to feel cynical, even distrustful of it. After all, surely there’s a price to pay for all of this innovation and convenience, right? Well, sure, but no more so than with anything else. After all, anything that’s embraced without consideration, or done without moderation can be harmful. Technology by itself isn’t harmful unless you use it that way. If you use it properly, it can make your life far better and easier than it would ever be otherwise. With that in mind, here are some modern pieces of tech that you should embrace right now!


Fitness tech


Staying in shape can be something of a challenge a lot of the time. Whether it’s because of the hard work involved, or simply the act of finding motivation to work out at all. Fortunately, for anyone who’s ever struggled to get themselves down to the gym a couple of times a week, technology is here to help. Your smartphone has plenty of apps that can do everything from helping you count calories to giving you reminders of when you should be working out. Not only that but the benefits of wearables like Fitbit for health are remarkable. Tech like this tracks your heart rate, how active you are, even how much sleep you’re getting. For anyone who’s ever found it difficult to see the results of their hard work, tech like the Fitbit is perfect.


Social media


If you open a newspaper, magazine, or even spend any time on the internet, you’re likely to see something about how social media is ruining everything! It’s making us antisocial, competitive and shallow! But is that really the case? After all, social media doesn’t actually do those things, people do. And the sad fact is that people have been finding ways to be antisocial, competitive and shallow since the dawn of time. What social media can do, however, is connect you with people in ways that you may never have been able to before. You can now keep in touch with friends all over the world, reconnect with people you’d lost contact with, and keep friendships and relationships strong, even over long distances. Sure, social media has its issues, but it also has so many positive qualities that it’s important not to ignore them just because you’re sick of seeing your high school friends vacation pictures!




Gaming is one of those hobbies that has always had something of an image problem. In the eighties when it first appeared it was the image of the lonely nerd hunched over an arcade cabinet or a computer, nowadays it’s the image of the angry, bitter gamer yelling at people over the internet. Yet, in spite of this, gaming has never been more inclusive and creative. With smaller games showing a huge breadth of experiences and artistic statements that simply wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. If you’re stuck for a way to spend your evenings, consider picking up a controller your computer’s mouse, and entering into a whole new world of possibilities.

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