Hear Me Out: Protect Your Ears!

When we think of taking our health seriously, that means a number of things. It might mean we cut down on the amount of coke we are drinking; it might mean we opt for porridge for breakfast instead of bacon. It could mean we stop eating meat. It might be that it’s time we consider hitting the gym to improve the strength of our body and our cardiovascular system. For others, it might mean quitting smoking or drinking. It might mean taking it easy and not pushing yourself as much. Health brings a lot to mind and gives us a lot to consider.


Now you could be one of those that lives life to the full. You wake up early, down water, get to the gym and eat well and you know what, you do it every single day. To celebrate, you hit the club – you go to gigs and listen to guitars being shredded and amps being turned up to 11. You like your music at the end of a hard week, and you like it loud. You’ve saved up all your concert stubs, and you are a proud follower of many bands. It’s not just that though – when you’re at the gym you have your earphones in and you’re pumping through playlists – and when you are at work you have your headphones on to work to the beat.


If that’s you – you might be at risk. Now, you won’t suffer a heart attack, or a stroke. Your blood pressure is fine; your head is ok. At face value, you’re healthy and as fit as a fiddled. What you might not know is this – if you’re living life to the full, if you love your music loud and proud, you might be damaging your ears beyond repair. Our bodies are incredible things and are great at bouncing back from all sorts of ailments, but if we damage our hearing there stands a chance that it will never return.


Listening to music at unsafe levels for a sustained period of time can lead to irreparable ear damage. At a basic level, this will lead to ringing in the ears. Many concert-goers will know this comes with the territory, however, if the ringing doesn’t go away – you have damaged your hearing. You don’t need to blast songs to damage your hearing though. Anyone knows that you can be born with poor hearing. If you need help with your hearing you could find an Assistive Devices Program to help you get the equipment you need to hear. If not – you might need to head to your doctor.


You can save yourself though! Through equipment, you can protect your ears. Wear solid earplugs to a concert that allow sound to filter through so you can enjoy the tunes and the music. As for the earphones? Get a pair that allow noise to be blocked out so you don’t need to blast the tunes at all times. You only get one pair of ears, so look after them. Hearing is a magical thing.

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