Putting The Fun Back Into Fitness

Humans, adult humans anyway, are among the few animals that seem to lack a natural motivation to keep up their fitness levels. In between Netflix, social media and all the other lovely distractions we have, it can be pretty hard to keep yourself moving efficiently towards your fitness goals. Fortunately though, there are various steps you can take to put the fun back into your fitness regimen…


Image from Pexels

Get Fit by Playing

Most of us will remember being a child, and begging our parents to let us play outside for another few minutes. Whatever you were doing – playing a game, riding your bike, climbing a tree – it was simply so fun that you didn’t want to stop. By rediscovering this inherent joy of motion, you’ll be much more motivated to keep a good solid fitness routine. Spruce up your old bike and get the best bike trainer you can afford. Get back into a sport you used to love by joining a class or a club in your local area. If you’ve got kids, join in with their games in the garden. If there’s anything that gets you moving that you find more engaging than the treadmill, then start doing it whenever you can!

Go Dancing!

If you’re not exactly the sporty type, then another great way to inject more fun into your fitness is to put on your dancing shoes! Dancing is a fantastic way to get fit, and there’s a style that appeals to pretty much everyone. Whether you’re into the sophistication and majesty of ballroom or the nostalgia of tap, there’s sure to be a style and class around for you. If you really want a good workout, then go for capoeira, a unique Brazilian blend of dance and martial arts.

Have an Active Vacation

From cycling tours of the world’s prestigious patches of wine country to week long escapes to a ski resort to fantasy sports camps, there are all kinds of active vacations you can go on that will help you get fit while having the time of your life. Obviously, whether you come away having burned a lot of calories and made a lot of memories on your trip all depends on the condition you leave in, so an active vacation can also give you the motivation to train before it. Cardiovascular and flexibility training can make an active trip away much more manageable, and it won’t feel like work when you remember what it’s all for!

Take Family Walks

With all the different pieces of tech that us and our kids have at our fingertips, opportunities to connect with the family can be pretty sparse. One of the best ways to create a regular opportunity for more family time, and get everyone more fit in the process, is taking family walks. Wherever you are, there are going to be places where you can take the whole family, stroll through nature and enjoy the simple act of conversation. Your kids might whinge about being away from their videogames at first, but they’ll get into the routine soon enough!


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