She Wears It Well

We wake up every day and make decisions about our day, starting with the outfit we plan to wear. Even those who aren’t particularly fashion conscious will be able to make simple decisions about the clothes that they wear for the day ahead and dress appropriately for the occasion. This includes a good outfit for work.

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One thing you need to remember, more than the clothes you pick from the back of the wardrobe, is how you plan to wear it. Fashion isn’t just about the items you choose. It’s the combination of clothes with accessories. It’s the way the clothes fit your body. It’s how you feel when you walk out the door. Your confidence is going to be the biggest item you wear on a daily basis and ensuring that your self-esteem is as intact as the items in the wardrobe is essential to put your best fashion foot forward. Whether you shop on the high street or online with FashionForest, you need to ensure that you are choosing outfits that truly reflect your personality. Being confident with what you wear is the easiest way to fake it ‘til you make it, so even if you don’t feel great about the outfit you’re wearing, everyone will believe you do. So, how do you make sure that you ooze perfection, whatever the occasion you choose?

The Fit. The way your clothes fit, believe it or not, matters. Your skinny jeans won’t look as good on you if they’re baggy. The point of skinny jeans is that they are form-fitting and suit your body shape. Reading guides like this on how to dress for your shape is essential to make sure you are choosing clothes that will suit you. By understanding how to choose flattering clothes, you can feel great when you walk out the door every day.

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The Colour. For some, being on trend isn’t important, but choosing colours that don’t gel with the season can sometimes be a fashion faux pas. Bright colours are very in this summer, but that doesn’t mean you should dress head to toe in canary yellow. Making bold decisions about your outfit can be pulled off – but if you doubt it, wear those bold colours in the form of accessories. Think chunky jewellery and even shoes. Black work suit? Add some hot pink heels to give the overall look a fizz!

The Feel. Clothes should make you feel good about yourself. Part of fashion is indulging in your own creativity and if you don’t feel good about the items you have in the wardrobe, it’s the perfect excuse for a shopping trip! Overhaul if you must, but buy into items you love to wear. Wear things that will fit you properly and make you feel good about yourself. It’s the only way you can pull off those fluted sleeves and cold shoulder, drop-waisted dresses you have seen in the shop windows. Fashion is a creative adventure and a chance to show off who you are. Indulge!


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