Clever Tips To Find Your Unique, Personal Style



Finding a personal style that is completely unique to you and you alone is not an overnight process. And even when you think you might have cracked it, there’s a constant refining and changing as the seasons and years go by – it’s something that never ends.

There will, however, be a central foundation of your style that will never go away – it’s what you know will look good on you, and what informs you on what to buy when you are out shopping.

So the big question is – how do you find your style? If you still don’t ‘get’ what clothes should form the basis of your look, read on – we’re going to take you through everything you need to know. Let’s get started with the basics.

The Big Clear Out

Our closets are often full of things we don’t like – whether they are ill-fitting or just make you feel uncomfortable. And the first thing that you have to do in this process is get rid of everything you don’t like, doesn’t fit, or even that you are unsure of. Pack it up in bags, give it away to charity stores or to family/friends, and clean out that closet!



Make a Pinterest Board

Next, what sort of look are you trying to achieve? Take a look around on Google and Instagram at your style icons, and pull pictures of them into a Pinterest Board. Focus on the images and clothes that resonate most with you – whether it’s the looks sported by your favorite celebrity or a fashion icon from years ago. Once you have built up a big board, you should have an idea of the sort of elements that make up your style of choice.

Focus on key pieces

Now you have a half-empty wardrobe and a headful of ideas, it’s time to plug the gaps. Concentrate on the staples, first – make out a list of everything you are missing and fill up the holes. You’ll find that you waste less money and get the foundations of your style much quicker this way. It’s important not to impulse buy, and remain focused, always keeping your lifestyle goals and choices into consideration.



Be unique

Now it’s time to add some flair. If you are comfortable enough to make choices by now, then try adding some flair pieces from a boutique store or an independent: you are much more likely to find something unique from stores like these. But just because you are trying to find your own style, it doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. Talk to your local stores about getting help making your choices, or even try getting a consultation with a personal stylist if your budget allows it. There are plenty of services online that might be able to help, too – so take a look around and see what you can find.


Ultimately, it’s accessories that can form your style more than anything else. Regardless of the look, you want to achieve, accessories such as jewelry, bangles, scarves, and clutch bags can offset and improve any outfit. As long as you feel comfortable, trust your instincts, and are prepared to be authentic, you will find your unique, personal style – good luck!


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