Keep Your Style Strong On A Beach Vacation

Let’s face it, we all have images in our minds of what we are going to look like on vacation. But the reality is often as far removed from the dream as it possibly can be. By the time we arrive at our destinations and endure sunburn, sand in every crevice, and the vacation diet seeming to add inches per day to your figure, stylish is probably the last thing we feel.

However, with a few simple tweaks on your vacation shopping list, it’s easy to keep yourself looking fine and dandy for the duration of your trip away. Let’s take a close look at everything you need to arrive at your destination in style – and ensure you leave the same way. Read on to find out more!


Credit – pexels

Breathable fabrics

First of all, the likelihood is you will be going to warmer climates when you take your vacation this year. Make sure you stock up on plenty of breathable, natural fabrics such as linen, rayon blends, and, of course, cotton. Synthetic materials are going to make you look sweaty, and also have a tendency to pick up a lot more sand and debris from beaches than natural fibers, so ensure that you focus on those breathable materials.

Stock up on sun block

By now, we all know the damage the sun can cause to our skin. But the crazy thing is that there is still way too many people who completely ignore this advice when they go on vacation. Sunburn is common when you go away for a break, either because you are trying to get as brown as possible to match the other bronzed bodies on the beach, or that you just underestimate the power of the sun in other parts of the world. Make sure you invest in enough sunblock for your skin type to ensure that you keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, rather than burnt, wrinkled, and aged.

The importance of shades

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun, but they are also handy tools to keep us looking our best when we can’t be bothered to go through the same old makeup routines – which is often the case when you’re on vacation. Whether you opt for runway sunglasses or a classic pair of aviators is up to you. But a couple of pairs of sunglasses will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your style strong when on vacation.

See your hair stylist

It won’t take long for the sea winds to make a mess of the highest-quality of a haircut, so see your stylist and get some suggestions on how to keep your hair in great shape. You will want to talk about how to eliminate frizz, and possibly going for a loose, natural curl that will look great in all weathers. Headbands and hairbands can come in very handy for lounging on the beach, too. And if you have thin hair, please invest in a good summer hat – your scalp is at risk from burning just as much as your arms, shoulders, and legs.




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