Why Does Your Makeup Look Bad?



Makeup is meant to be transformative. It’s meant to be the thing we can use when we need to feel good about ourselves; when we want to look our best, feel beautiful and confident. So when it goes wrong, it can feel like a double whammy of misery.


There are several reasons that your makeup isn’t looking as good as you hoped it would. Often, there are tips and techniques you can learn that will make an immediate improvement in your application – and, most importantly, how you feel about it.


Messy Mascara


Mascara is one of the most useful tools in your makeup bag, but also one of the most difficult to get right. You can apply perfectly, then realize it’s smudged beneath your eyes or there are little flutter lines on your upper lashes. It’s not a good look.


  • You should “blot” mascara in the same way that you blot lipstick. When you’ve put it on, run your fingers over the lashes to remove any excuse.
  • Only ever wear one or two layers of mascara; anything more and you’re just asking for problems.
  • Waterproof mascara is the best choice if you have smudging problems. If you’re worried about removal, then don’t be: any good facial oil should be able to wick it right off.


Foundation Foibles


If you don’t feel confident in the appearance of your skin, it’s hard to feel confident about anything. Foundation is prone to a number of problems such as looking cakey, but there are ways to guarantee a better finish.


  • Your foundation needs a good base to sit on, which is why it’s important to learn how to take care of your skin to achieve the best results. Think of your facial skin as your canvas; it needs to be smooth, moisturized, and in good condition if the base is going to look good on it.
  • If your foundation is looking cakey, then you have likely applied too much product. Go sparsely with mascara, patiently layering up over problem areas rather than just applying it all in one.
  • If you find your foundation has a tendency to rub off during the day, then consider a setting spray. These have been the secret of makeup artists for years, but have now thankfully hit the mainstream.


Lacklustre Lipstick


Lipstick is the perfect finish to a well-done face of makeup, but getting it right takes a lot of practice. Even if you get it looking good in the mirror, you can quickly find that it’ll be gone the moment you dare to take a drink.


  • As a general rule, matte lipstick will last longer than anything with a gloss or sheen to it.
  • Blot lipstick at least three times during the application process.
  • Use as invisible lip liner to ensure your application has clean edges. Invisible lip liners are a great investment as – unlike sets where the liner matches the lipstick color – you can use them with any lipstick or gloss that you want.



Do you have any makeup tricks you think other people should know?

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