Avoiding Medication: Why You Should Always Try The Holistic Approach

Far too many people willingly take medication when it’s not required these days. Sure, there are lots of instances in which your body needs chemicals to heal itself. However, there are just as many situations in which you could create the same results using a holistic approach. For instance, taking painkillers for a hangover is the perfect example. There is no need to use medication to stop the pain you feel in your head. You just need to drink a few pints of water to rehydrate your body and feel well again. You get the idea, right? In this post, you will learn about all the reasons you should always try the natural approach first.





  • Almost all medication harms your body



Here is an interesting fact for you. If you take almost any medication for long enough, you will cause damage to your body. That could mean affecting the lining of your stomach or worse. Some common drugs can even result in your organs shutting down. So, even in small doses, the chemicals can cause adverse effects. Sure, you might not know about them for many years. However, it’s not worth taking the risk. So, if there are alternative methods you can try, you need to do so. Just make sure you always consult with your doctor and make sure they approve of your plans.



  • Drugs don’t deal with the underlying issue



There are very few drugs in the world that cure anything. Most of them either reduce pain or help to deal with the symptoms. They don’t tend to solve the underlying illness causing the problems. With that in mind, you should never rely on medication as the first port of call. You need to find out as much as possible about your condition and look for holistic alternatives. Let’s presume you have arthritis in your joints at the moment. Drugs will stop the pain and reduce swelling, but they won’t cure your arthritis. However, research shows that staying active can slow the condition down.





  • Many medications are addictive



Addiction can cause many problems for people who take lots of medicines. In many instances, their bodies will become reliant on the chemicals. When that happens, doctors can’t stop giving prescriptions. They often have to look for similar drugs onto which they can wean their patients. It’s a vicious cycle that often results in people having to attend painkiller rehab. That is not something you want to happen at any point in your life. Indeed, it could turn your existence upside down. You might lose your home or worse. So, that’s another logical reason you should seek holistic alternatives.


I’m not saying you should never take medication. That would be the worst advice I could give to my readers. Instead, I’m saying you should become more aware of the substances you put into your body. Many of them are dangerous, and there are lots of natural alternatives. So, make sure you take control of the situation by researching any new drugs and taking a look at all the options on the table. Only then can you guarantee that you’re making the right decision.



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