So You Want to Get Married – But Can You Afford It?



A lot of people jump into wedding plans before they really take the time to appreciate just how expensive it’s going to be. And make no mistake – weddings can get very expensive very quickly. Sure, most of us know on some level that it’s going to be expensive, but we frequently manage to underestimate the costs when it’s our turn to step up to the altar.


Some couples will plow ahead and end up putting themselves in pretty uncomfortable financial situations. (Which, really, is the last thing a newly-married couple needs. Or anyone, for that matter.) Others may end up making some sacrifices – some smart and acceptable, others a bit more painful, such as making severe reductions to the guest list.


If you want to handle the financial stresses and constraints of a wedding wisely, then this guide is for you.




Figure out what it’s worth going all-out on


There are some things that you can take a no-expense-spared approach to, and others where this approach isn’t all that wise. It’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t be afraid to make sacrifices on everything if you need to, but most will prefer to select areas in which they can make such sacrifices. The key is to know where sacrifices are best made.


Let’s take, as a first example, the wedding ring. The ring is one of the few things about the wedding that is actually used in the years ahead! So looking into a Tacori engagement ring can certainly be justified. On the other hand, the wedding cake is often way overpriced – and, at the end of the day, its looks are only appreciated for a few seconds. It’s all about the taste – and you can get incredible cakes for pretty good prices!




Deals and hacks


A lot of people seem to feel uncomfortable about bargain hunting when it comes to arranging a wedding, but it actually makes perfect sense. Getting some bargain package that sees you getting married in, say, an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere (but for the low, low cost of $99.99!) isn’t exactly ideal. But finding group deals on suits and dresses is certainly the right way to go!


You should also be careful when it comes to booking the event itself. Did you know that many workers in the event industry charge more if you tell them the event is a wedding reception – even if the service is the same? Consider not telling the event professionals that it’s for a wedding!




Financial assistance


Should you consider taking out a loan for your wedding? Well, this can seem smart, but the fact is that you’re paying for something that will last a single day – and you’ll be repaying the debt over several years. Remember that many of the more expensive items you purchase for a wedding – dresses and rings, for example – can often be bought with finance options. There are benefits to getting a wedding loan, but don’t assume it’s the best option.


If you don’t want a loan but would like financial assistance, consider asking guests to make monetary donations instead of buying gifts!

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