Taking It Back To Basics: Easy Ways to Maintain a Stunning Smile

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Beautiful teeth will never go out of style, and looking after your smile not only makes you look more attractive but is important for your health too. These days cosmetic dentists can work wonders, and have a solution to just about any problem with the teeth. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful tips for making your teeth look whiter at home from using charcoal to strawberries, however looking after your smile doesn’t need to be complicated. Take it back to basics, bear these tips in mind and you will maintain a happy, healthy mouth year after year.


Good Oral Hygiene Routine

It goes without saying that an effective oral hygiene routine will keep your mouth at its best. Brushing twice a day, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash and flossing regularly will all help to keep bacteria down. This will prevent cavities from forming, remove surface stains and keep your mouth fresh and healthy. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, electric toothbrushes are great, but it’s possible to do a good job with a manual if you take care to brush properly. Brush gently but effectively, you want to remove debris and bacteria but without scratching or scrubbing at the enamel.


Regular Visits To The Dentist

Everyone should be visiting the dentist regularly. Even if you don’t have any pain and everything feels fine, dentists will be able to keep it that way by spotting potential problems early. If you’re worried about chemicals such as mercury being used in fillings (since this has been shown to be harmful to the body), you could consider a holistic dentist. They consider the wellbeing of the entire body when it comes to dentistry and can be a safer and healthier alternative. Regular scale and polishes help to remove tartar and keep the mouth feeling fresh, and your dentist can recommend any special care you need to take.


Eat The Right Foods

A healthy diet plays an important role for every cell in our bodies, teeth included. We all know how calcium is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and bones, most people can get this in dairy products, but if you eat a vegan diet, you need to be wary. There are plenty of vegetables that are a good source of calcium, but you will need to track this (apps like MyFitnessPal can be useful for this) to ensure all of your daily needs are met. As well as protecting from the inside, what you put on your teeth is also important. Drinking lots of sugary or acidic drinks during the day can affect the enamel and lead to cavities. Snacking on sweets and sugary treats will have the same effect. It’s recommended that you keep sugar to a minimum and when you do consume it, do so around mealtimes rather than grazing throughout the day.


Protect Your Mouth During Sports

If you’re involved in sports, be careful of your teeth. Rugby, martial arts skiing, hockey, basketball, and gymnastics are just a few of sports where you run the risk of breaking or losing a tooth. Wear a mouthguard if the sport requires it, and be sure to follow the correct health and safety procedures to avoid risk and injury.


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