4 Gifts To Give The Man In Your Life That Feeling Of 50’s Class And Dignity



Both genders fantasise about a place in time they would have loved to have occupied, and often without thinking about the downsides of those times. For men, it’s usually 1950’s America. The feeling of post-war heroism and masculinity resonates with many men who feel like the modern service industry has led to less need for them to provide through intrinsically ‘masculine’ means, however that was defined back then.


However, that feeling of 50’s class and dignity has never left. The social progress of that time left a lot to be desired, but overall great economic growth and brilliant marketing allow that time to still carry a feeling of romanticism and ooze style.


If you have an important anniversary or birthday coming up for the man in your life, and you’re not sure what to get him, helping him feel like a bonafide 50’s figure will help him channel the inner mojo of Don Draper or Marlon Brando alike.


Leather Bound Journal


Every man could benefit from getting in touch with their creative side. As a general, loosely applied rule, women express themselves more than men and are much more likely to be creative literally and better and getting their thoughts down on paper. Encouraging your man to do so might help him work through the problems he might be facing at work, or simply help him reduce stress at the weekend by journaling for 30 minutes.


The benefits have been scientifically proven, so are valid. A nice leather bound covering will help the book like official, important, like the ideas written inside have weight to them. It will emulate the fact that from a product perspective, items were built to last in the 50’s.


A Nice Suit


If your man doesn’t have a nice three piece suit, now is the time. Heading to the tailors and helping them ascribe the fitting for a suit you’ve picked up from elsewhere can do wonders in giving your man that Humphrey Bogart look. Opt for browns or navy’s if you’d like to emulate that post-war time.




Most men enjoy a nice stiff glass of whiskey, either on the rocks or not. Doing so is an exercise in taste refinement and patrician deducing of what makes said whiskey work. You’re likely to see in Film Noir the elusive detective or private eye, sitting back in their office chair and sipping on a sharpener to get the facts of the case correct in their mind. Help your man emulate this sense of class, wonder and dignity by checking out this whiskey review website, and purchasing according to how you feel their preferences would be best applied.


Leather Boots


Every man needs a strong pair of boots that he can shine, repair and wear for years. Spend a little more money, and you’re sure to find a robust range of incredibly well-made boots, that can traverse most outdoor climates as well as look stylish in the inner city. Clothes don’t make the man (or woman,) but shoes can certainly help.


These gifting ideas will serve as a quirky yet dignified reminder of the love you have for the man in your life, be that a father, a husband or boyfriend or brother. Choose tastefully, and the gift will indeed be received well.


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