How To Get The Perfect Tan Without Damaging Your Skin

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Everyone looks better with a tan, it’s just a fact of life! This is why we often spend loads of money on fake tan products or sunbeds. We all feel more confident with a tan as it brings out our best features and hides insecurities.


As a result, we try and spend as much time in the sun as we can whenever it’s hot, and we have a chance to tan. The problem is, you can easily go overboard and start burning your skin. So, here’s a short guide to help you get the perfect tan without harming your skin:

Fake Tan If You’re Really Pale

The paler you are, the more at risk your skin is of burning. So, it can help you stay safe if you apply some fake tan before you go on holiday or sit in the sun for hours. This gives you a little base layer that protects your pale skin from the sun. It will help you avoid burning on your first days, and then you gradually tan over it, so it becomes your natural tone.

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Nip In And Out Of The Shade

It’s natural to want to stay out in the sun for as long as possible. However, this is very bad for you and will cause you to burn and damage your skin. Instead, it’s more effective if you go and sit in the shade after an hour or so in the sun. You’ll cool yourself down and avoid damaging your skin, which makes it more likely you’ll get a nice bronze tan.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

After a long day of tanning, it’s important to moisturize your skin, so it stays in good condition. When you come inside after staying in the sun, your skin can dry out, and this is why it may start peeling. What you need to do is take a cold shower to cool your skin down and keep it nice and wet. Then, cover yourself in a moisturizing gel.  My advice is to find something with aloe vera in it like Amara Organics Gel. Aloe vera is so good for hydrating and repairing your skin, which will ensure you stay nice and tanned and don’t burn then peel.

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Don’t Forget The Suncream

Too many people avoid wearing suncream as they think it stops them from tanning. This isn’t the case, you can easily tan with a lot of sun cream on! You need to apply it as it will protect your skin from UV rays and help prevent burning from occurring. The whiter you are, the higher SPF your sun cream should be. Make sure you keep reapplying it throughout the day as you can easily sweat it off and leave your skin at risk.


Tanning isn’t rocket science, and yet so many people get it wrong and end up burning their skin. If you want to make yourself look and feel more beautiful, you need to follow the advice above. Not only will it help stop you from burning, but it will also provide you with the perfect tan that makes all your friends green with envy.


How Strengthening Your Relationships Could Combat Anxiety


Life can throw a lot of different hurdles at us. But the trick is to know how to jump them and get away unscathed. To get yourself ready to jump, there’s one thing that you need – support. When life gets tough, we all need a support network. When your relationships with your partner, friends, and family are as strong as they can be, you can often feel like you can take on the world. When you suffer from anxiety, this is the exact kind of feeling that you need in order to beat it. So, let’s take a look at how strengthening your relationships could finally kick anxiety for good.


Remove External Pressures


One of the reasons we can suffer from anxiety is the amount of pressure that we feel. We can often compare ourselves to others or what we see on social media and feel like we need to be more, do more. But, your physical relationships can help you to remove those pressures. When you’re able to enjoy time with your friends on a regular basis, you’ll start to let go of the pressures and focus on the connection you’re building with your friends instead. It helps you to physically remove the pressures.


Talk It Out


You may be at the stage where you’re considering therapy for anxiety, and that’s okay. But, you may also find that talking it out with your loved ones could work too. When you’re able to connect with your family, you may find that a lot of your worries start to slip away. Seeing your friends and talking to your family about your problems can remove some of the dark clouds that are hanging over you before you feel the need to turn to medical attention.


Feeling More Secure


Next, one of the main reasons that building strong relationships can ease off some of your anxiety is because you start to feel more secure. With stronger relationships, you know that you’re getting the support you need, that you’re loved and that you’re cared for. These feelings alone are enough to take away some of the stress that could be causing your anxiety and make you happier in life.


Reconnecting & Repairing


Sometimes, you may find that the reason you’re struggling and suffering from so much stress is that your relationships are not strong. When friendships lost their way, it can affect you emotionally. So try to do what you can to repair them. Reach out, use free people search resources, use social media, try the number you once have. Just be sure you reconnect your relationships, and you may find that your anxiety eases off.


Feeling Release


Finally, one of the best reasons why building your relationships up can help to ease of anxiety is the feeling of release that you get when you’re in the company of others. When you’re spending quality time with your other half, enjoying a catch up with friends, or seeing your family, you should find that you forget about your woes and enjoy the time with the people you’re with. It definitely helps you to realize what’s important in life.


Travelspiration: Looking Fabulously Fashionable

Coco Chanel, the world’s most famous fashion icon, once said, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” All of the world’s most iconic fashion legends have certain expectations and style standards that they hold themselves accountable to, regardless of where they are of where they are going. Even when traveling, they hold themselves to the same high style standards, making every effort always to look effortlessly chic.


As someone with a love of fashion, when it comes to traveling it’s important to make an effort to travel in style. Throwing on a pair of lounge pants and an oversized tee just isn’t going to cut it. Believe it or not, it is possible to dress to impress when traveling and still be comfortable; it’s just a case of taking the time to put together the perfect look.


Heading off on vacation soon? Here’s how to ensure that you look effortlessly stylish and elegant, even when catching a 4 am flight.

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Pick the perfect suitcase


Wondering whether a suitcase really has an impact on your look? The answer to that question is yes, it does. A suitcase is an accessory, just like a shoulder bag is, so naturally, you want to ensure that it is elegant and stylish, and works well with your outfit, that is if you want to look fabulously fashionable. To avoid having to buy a different suitcase or duffle bag for every outfit, it’s best to opt for a neutral design that’s timeless and elegant. For more options you can find wholesale leather from Leather Impressions. Aztec patterns and pretty floral prints might be in right now, but unlike a leather design, they won’t stand the test of time and will be out of style by this time next year.


Dress comfortably and stylishly


To ensure that you are able to travel comfortably it’s vital to pick an outfit that you look stylish in and are also able to relax in. You can’t go wrong with black jeans – whether they’re ripped or not it doesn’t matter – teamed with a pretty cami top and an oversized cardigan. Prefer a more feminine look? Then how about teaming a printed tea dress with a pair of leggings and a denim jacket? A maxi skirt or dress could also work well. What you want to do is ensure that you look stylish and elegant but are also comfortable – take your time playing around with a few looks until you find the perfect one.


Get your shoes spot on


Any fashion lover knows how vital the right pair of shoes are for completing a look, so it pays to pick what you put on your feet carefully. Heels add elegance and glamor but aren’t that travel-friendly, wedges, however, can be. If you are hoping to add elegance to your look, heels are a must. However, for a more casual (and comfortable) look, a pretty pair of peep toed pumps could perfectly compliment your outfit.


Jetting off to somewhere sunny? Make sure to dress to impress and travel in style.


Are You Getting All Of The Nutrition That You Need?

Do you ever feel kind of run down? Like you’re struggling to even get out of bed? Sure, we all have those moments now and then! Perhaps you had a slightly heavy night out, or you didn’t get as much sleep as you needed to. However, what happens when you start feeling like that more and more frequently even though you’re getting enough sleep every night. If that’s the case, then it might be something serious in regards your health, but there’s also a pretty solid chance that your body simply isn’t getting all of the nutrients that it really needs. Luckily, there are always ways in which you can solve that problem. Here are some simple things that you can do in order to make sure that you’re always getting the nutrition that you need every day.



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Of course, the simplest and most obvious way to make sure that your body is getting all of the right nutrients is to adjust your diet. If you go and get takeout for dinner every single evening, then you’re inevitably going to find yourself missing out on some very important nutrients, and you’ll end up feeling bloated and lethargic. It’s always best to cook as many of your meals as possible from scratch, that way you can make sure that you know exactly what goes into them. Not only that but by doing your research you might even find foods that you weren’t even aware of before that can not only provide your body with the correct nutrition levels but make some absolutely delicious meals as well!



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Now, there are some people who treat supplements like they are some kind of magic pill that will instantly help you lose weight and be healthy. This is not what they are for. They are designed to help you get the kind of nutrition into your body that you might not otherwise get. This kind of thing is especially important for those who aren’t able to eat specific kinds of food because of things like intolerances. You can find information about the kinds of nutritional supplements that are available here. You certainly shouldn’t come to entirely rely on these kinds of supplements, but they can be extremely helpful if you struggle to get all the nutrition that you need through your diet alone.



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One of the things that people forget is that it’s not just about what you put into your body but your body’s ability to process those things. If you never exercise then your body’s ability to process and burn fat is going to suffer. Similarly, if you go out drinking every night, then your liver is going have a much harder job filtering out toxins because of the damage that alcohol can do to it. You can just assume that you’re living a healthy life because of the way that you’re eating. You need to think carefully about how your lifestyle impacts the overall health of your body.


Sculpt Those Legs With These Workout Ideas!

When it comes to making our legs look good, we may think that there’s nothing much we can do, but on the contrary, they are plenty of ways we can sculpt our quads, thighs, calves, and hamstrings. And after all, we spend the whole day walking on our legs so we need to make them as strong as we possibly can to hold the rest of our body up, so here are a few exercises to bear in mind to get toned, sculpted, fabulous legs.


The Squat

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The basics of any great exercise routine as well as getting shapely legs is all about mastering the squat. For beginners, it’s always best to do it with a chair. Stand with your back to it and keep your feet hip width apart. Tense your core with your feet firmly on the ground and back your butt towards the chair, making sure that your knees don’t go past your feet. You will need to keep your core tensed for the whole exercise, including when you bring yourself back up to standing position. Once you have mastered the form, you can get rid of the chair or get adventurous and squat with a barbell.



Sporty Young Woman Jogging



Along with the squat, this is the bread and butter of the leg exercise world. You stand hip width apart, place one leg in front of you and lower your body using your core to balance before bringing that back leg back up. You should feel it in your quadriceps as well as in your calves, but your core will have quite a workout too if it’s not very strong!


Bike Riding

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As a way to work your calves, you can’t do much better than getting on a bike and riding on rough terrain. But lots of us are unable to use an upright bike due to physical injuries such as lower back pain, and in these cases, it’s best to use a recumbent exercise bike. You can check out some recumbent exercise bike reviews at this link but any type of bike riding gives your legs an overall workout, and a recumbent bike does a lot of work on the front part of your legs such as the quadriceps.


Various Yoga And Pilates Moves

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As an overall toning body workout yoga or pilates have fantastic benefits for you, especially your legs. With moves such as the downward facing dog and the bridge, these focus a lot on perfect leg form to keep your whole body balanced. Those two moves are part of every single yoga or pilates routine and once you have perfected those you can move onto more difficult moves such as the tree or the warrior pose, which is you making a T shape with your body.


These exercises are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having toned legs, but these can give you a great starting point. Always be sure to stretch before each workout to make sure that your legs are as flexible as they can be.


Say Adios To Adult Acne

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Having acne when you’re a teenager is difficult enough. You’re gangly, awkward and growing into your own body- and with a huge amount of pressure to look good, dealing with spots is never going to be much fun. But at least you know that what you’re going through is common, normal and all of your peers are dealing with the same issue. However dealing with acne as an adult is a whole other ball game. When everyone else’s skin has settled down and yours is still erupting with acne, it can have you feeling like ‘why me?’. It can be a huge knock to your confidence and self-esteem, and start you wondering what exactly is wrong with your body. If you’re currently living with the frustrations of adult acne, here are some of the ways you can go about solving the issue once and for all.


Start a Good Skincare Routine

Often when it comes to adult acne, the issue isn’t on the surface of the skin but inside the body. However, the right skincare routine can help to keep breakouts under control and prevent more from occurring. Grease, grime and makeup blocking the pores can cause spots in anyone, so this is something to avoid when you’re already prone to them. A gentle cleanser will remove excess oil and debris from the skin without stripping or irritating it. A light moisturiser will prevent it from getting dry and sore. You could also use products like Differin Gel for acne which are specially designed to help to prevent breakouts and heal active spots more quickly. If you wear makeup, choose oil free brands which won’t clog the skin, mineral makeup is suitable for acne and sensitive skin types since it’s all natural. A bit of coverage and a product to even out your skin tone can do wonders for your confidence when you have acne. Just be sure to carefully remove it all when you get home. Be gentle with your skin, don’t scrub at it either with cleansing products or with a towel to try it. Treat it gently and carefully.


Clean Up Your Diet

If you’re already prone to acne, certain foods in your diet could be triggering it or making it even worse. Some of these you might not expect. Cow’s milk for example is something that can be healthy for most people, providing calcium, protein, potassium and other vitamins. However a link has been shown between this and acne breakouts, this could be due to the fact it makes blood sugar spike which increases inflammation in the body- worsening pimples. The same applies to any food which the body breaks down quickly- white carbs such as bread, pasta and rice are all bad news. Switching over to wholemeal prevents blood sugar spikes, and also provides your body with more fibre and vitamins. It’s an easy switch to make and will benefit your entire body as well as your skin. Junk food which is high in sugar and fat will also increase inflammation in the body (and are bad for your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and everything else along with your skin!). If you’re serious about putting an end to your skin issues, sorting out your diet is something proactive that you have full control over. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat protein will nourish your body providing it with everything it needs. Season foods with healthy herbs and spices instead of salt, sugar and fat. Probiotics have been found to be helpful in those with acne as they can reduce inflammation in the body, you can find this in everything from saurkraut and pickles to yoghurt. While milk should be avoided, yoghurt is processed differently by the body so is fine to have in limited quantities. Choose unsweetened versions, so you’re avoiding the sugar and additives. Omega 3 which is found in oily fish and zinc which is found in beans, nuts and seafood is also useful for acne sufferers. Red meat is a good source of zinc, but this should be eaten in moderation so be sure to choose other sources in your diet too.

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Visit Your GP

When you have adult acne, it’s important to speak to your GP. While the right skincare routine and diet can both massively help with breakouts, the root cause is likely to be hormones. The doctor can prescribe drugs which balance out hormones and help with things like oil production in the skin. In women, taking the contraceptive pill is often useful in regulating hormones and reducing acne. If your skin issues are severe, you may be referred to a dermatologist for further treatment.


Manifesting The Body Image In Your Head

We all have the perfect idea of what our body should look like in our head, but the harsh reality is always staring back at us in the mirror. There are a few ways we can “fix” our reflection so it better matches the image in our heads; suck our bellies in, wear loose clothing that hides the imperfections, and make endless promises that we’ll start a new diet on Monday. Unfortunately, these are all temporary fixes. If you want to look in the mirror and make the image in your head a reality, here are the first steps to making it happen.

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Adjust your expectations slightly

No matter how much you wish for it, you are never going to have a Kim Kardashian body – at least, not without damaging your health and your wallet. The best thing you can do to build your body confidence now is to love and accept what you see in the mirror. A positive attitude can do wonders for your morale on the treadmill; after all, there’s less pressure to boost your confidence by looking good, if you already know that you look amazing.


If fat is the biggest obstacle to achieving your true body image, then you know what you need to do to burn it all off. However, there’s no need to max out your energy at the gym; there are plenty of exercises that you can do for ten or twenty minutes each day that will still be as effective as thirty minutes on a treadmill. A ten minute workout on a trampoline firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increases agility, and improves sense of balance. A thirty minute dance session burns as much calories as running, but it doesn’t feel like hard work because you’re having fun doing it. You should also make sure you do plenty of weightlifting and resistance training to sculpt muscle definition.

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Some people might think going under the knife is a drastic solution, but there are people who feel held back by a single body feature, and sometimes diet and exercise aren’t always enough to eliminate them. While it’s true you can hide loose skin after major weight loss with loose clothes, some people can still feel self conscious about having – in their minds – an embarrassing feature. If their confidence skyrockets after having cosmetic procedures to tuck away the loose skin, or give new life to deflated body parts, then it’s obvious that having the surgery done was the right decision for them. Everyone has their own way of boosting their self esteem.

Drink more water

When you’re not exercising regularly, drinking water can improve your brain function, clear your skin, and help your body flush out toxins. Water is even more important for weight loss because it helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight.

The Best Gift Ideas for Men That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

We all know that men are the hardest people to shop for, no matter the occasion! The best thing you can do is to go for something that is as personal as possible. If you still can’t think of anything, you may be in need of a few ideas. Before you find yourself in a Pinterest haze for hours and hours, and before you bother asking (as you will no doubt be given a simple- “I don’t mind”) have a look at these ideas that you might not have thought of before. Try to adapt them in ways that work for the man in your life because everyone is different!


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The best thing you can do for a gift is to go for something that is personal to the two of you. Do you have a joke that only the two of you know about? Find something to do with that. The best place to look for a specialized gift is online. Maybe you have a film that you both love and are always quoting? Have a look for something to do with that, maybe there’s a screening going on somewhere that you can make a trip off. Or maybe there’s a signed DVD going on eBay. It shouldn’t take you too long to think of anything when you base it off of personal things between the two of you.


Another thing that would be ideal for you to do would be to go for something that is related to their hobbies. For example, if they love their beer- like most men- maybe you could get them an engraved pint glass or if they’ve never tried to make their own, a beer making kit. Or you could look online for a unique beer that they had on a holiday that they loved. You would have to tailor this to the man’s personal hobbies of course.


Getting them something that they love is quite a hard task. So if you don’t want to go down this route, there are plenty of more fail-safe options that you could go for that would be a bit easier for you and they are probably more likely to love! You could go for something slightly more sentimental. An example of this would be to find a beautiful picture of the two of you, perhaps from when you were younger and put it in a frame for them. Or you could get loads of pictures of him and all the special people in his life and create more of a college.


One of the things that might appreciate the most, however, could be an experience or something to remember rather than an object. An experience based gift doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of money though! You could take him to a beautiful town that he loves and buy him a nice dinner. Or you could get him to the cinema for an upcoming film he’s excited about. Which is something that you would have to tailor to the person to get the most enjoyment out of! An experience could be the best idea of all because everyone loves having something to look forward to!

Start Fighting Against The Signs Of Ageing

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Getting older is a factor of life, but ageing isn’t. What’s the difference? When the number of candles on your cake has increased from 30 to 35, you have grown older. When the lines on your face grow clearer, you have aged, and this is what you can fight against. You can start hitting the signs of ageing head on and make sure you still feel young well into the backend of middle age and on through your twilight years.


To do this, we need to know the signs of age and stop them from becoming a constant nuisance in your life.


Aches And Pains


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As you get older, you might notice more aches and pains across your body. Problem areas usually include the joints as well as the back. You might find that just walking up stairs starts to feel like a climb up Everest? Does that sound familiar? If so, it’s time to start thinking about getting proactive with exercise. By exercising more, you can boost your overall level of fitness and make sure that those aches and pains aren’t as much of a problem. The issue here is that by the time you reach the point where those aches start to develop you probably won’t have the energy to complete a strenuous exercise. The good news is that you don’t need to.


Instead, you should make sure that you are completing yoga stretches and routines on a daily basis. It can be difficult to get started with yoga. But once you get into the swing of things you’ll find it benefits your body as well as your mind. By stretching and exercising your body regularly, you should find those aches and pains are nowhere near as problematic as they once were.


Middle Age Spread


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Ah, the infamous middle age spread. You can be thin throughout your youth but when you reach middle age, suddenly those dresses don’t fit anymore, and your belly begins to bloat. This is all about maintaining a healthy diet. When you are younger, your body will typically bounce back from most unhealthy meals that you can think of. But as you age your body isn’t quick to react to change as it once was. As such, the weight gain can become more permanent, and it’s harder to drop the pounds. So, it’s time to cut out the junk food, avoid those ready meals and regulate levels of salt and sugar. If you do this and keep up those yoga exercises we mentioned earlier, you should be able to fight back against this common yet cruel sign of age.


Don’t forget, that food can have another benefit for the body, and that’s avoiding those wrinkles. Wrinkles develop because your skin has lost its elasticity. It doesn’t bounce back quite as much. Well, the answer here is to eat lots of blueberries. They contain antioxidants that will maintain your skin’s natural elasticity. You find more about the benefits of blueberries on


Diminish Those Wrinkles


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Of course, if wrinkles have already developed, it might be a little too late for those blueberries. The other option is to use an exfoliator. According to by removing dead skin cells, the best exfoliators actually diminish the size and texture of wrinkles making them less apparent. As such, while you can’t eliminate them completely, you can ensure they are far less noticeable. You’ll probably still see them but people around you definitely won’t.


If you want to avoid other issues with the skin when you age, the answer might be to drink plenty of water. With lots of water in your diet, you can keep your skin free from issues like the colour of your skin fading and age spots.


Going Grey


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Finally, you might think that going grey is a natural part of ageing just like losing your hair. It’s true, this is common for both men and women past the age of fifty. In fact, for men, it can begin as early as twenties. But research has shown that there are factors that play a part in how early you start to go grey or when your hair begins to thin. The main culprit, it seems, is stress. If you are more stressed, it’s far more likely that your hair will go grey and start to fall out at a faster rate. That’s why it’s important to keep levels of stress under control in your life. Yoga can certainly help here, but you might also want to think about trying breathing exercises. Natural breathing exercises can regulate the level of oxygen your brain, allowing you to tackle problems in life without panicking. If you check out, you’ll find great advice on how breathing exercises can help you relax.


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3 Bizarre Signs Your Anxiety Is Out Of Control

Anxiety is an incredibly common condition. Thousands of people experience it on a macro level, a response to life circumstances and events that feel beyond their control. Beyond that, there are a variety of different anxiety disorders. These manifest not from direct life stimuli, but from misfiring brain chemistry, causing you to feel panicked and anxious even when there is no particular reason to do so. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and PTSD both find their definitions as anxiety disorders.


Despite how common anxiety is, it can be incredibly difficult to treat. There are various therapies available, but they tend to have a limited scope for success. They can provide a temporary relief but, over time, sufferers are less likely to continue to apply the learned techniques and thus the anxiety returns. Nevertheless, if anxiety is a persistent problem for you, then they’re well worth investigating.


One of the most difficult parts of this whole anxiety cycle is learning to recognize what’s happening. If you’ve experienced an upsurge in anxiety, there’s every chance that you don’t even realize that it’s happening. It can be tough to detect, because you’re too busy reacting to it to even be able to sit down and notice what’s going on.


That’s why a massive part of coping with chronic anxiety is based around learning to interpret your symptoms. Below are six unusual ways that a rise in anxiety might manifest itself; if you notice any of these – and have a history of anxiety control problems – it might be time to speak to your doctor in an effort to nip it in the bud.


#1 – Sleep Problems

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Lying awake at night worrying sounds like a classic anxiety thing – so of course you’re going to notice that. However, anxiety can disturb your sleep in other ways. It can make you more liable to wake up in the middle of the night. Conversely, it can also make you want to sleep more. It can also manifest itself as daytime tiredness, even if you slept perfectly well the night before.


As a rule of thumb, any change in what’s normal for you regarding sleeping patterns should be treated as a sign of a potential issue.


#2 – Less Impulse Control

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When our brains and systems are pulsing with all that excess adrenaline that anxiety causes, we’re not in a fit state to be making good decisions. That means, when you’re highly anxious, you’re less likely to be able to control your impulse.


This often manifests itself in terms of addictive behavior. If you’re a former smoker who has long since fled the cigarettes for the world of vaping, sweet eliquid flavors, wares from the likes of Vapor Vanity, and mod devices, then a highly anxious time might see you suddenly crave cigarettes again. Or if you’re usually happy to eat healthily with a low-carb diet full of healthy fats, a spike in anxiety will suddenly make all those carbs and refined fats sound delicious in a way they haven’t in years. These cravings – for cigarettes, alcohol, or food – aren’t based in real feelings. You can be happier as a vaper; delighted by the impact of your good diet; thrilled to no longer be waking up with a hangover after a rough night… but you’ll still want to return to the “bad” ways when your anxiety is out of control.


This is because your brain is trying to soothe itself, using old tried and tested methods. If you’ve made healthy changes that you have enjoyed, but are suddenly feeling tempted back to the bad old days, it’s a signifier that your anxiety is back in the driving seat.


#3 – Losing Your Temper

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Whether you’re usually a calm person or have always had a bit of a hot temper, a surge in anxiety is likely to cause problems. You will suddenly find yourself flying off the handle at the mildest of stimuli but – most noticeably – the anger doesn’t last. You vent, shout, and within five minutes you’re over it.


This is a sign that you’re not truly angry. If you had a justifiable reason for being angry, it would probably stick around for longer rather than fading away like a spent firework. These spikes of anger aren’t to do with the other person or circumstance; they’re all about you struggling to cope with that excess adrenaline in your system.


If you notice any of these three signs beginning to develop, you should try self-coping strategies such as meditation or breathing exercises. If these don’t bring about results, then talk to your doctor – excessive anxiety is not something you ought to deal with alone.