Why Your Family Should be Cycling

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It can sometimes be difficult to find healthy and active ways to spend time together as a family. To get all the family together for a day to do something that everyone enjoys. However being active together as a family is one of the most important things that we can do in life. So today we are focusing on the top reasons that all families should be spending more time together on their bikes, out in the fresh air, enjoying some good old fashioned family time.


Kids Love It


Kids absolutely love cycling. It gives them a sense of freedom and as it is fast and fun they feel like it gives them a certain sense of independence. That doesn’t mean however that it is not an activity that they don’t also enjoy with their parents. Quite the contrary. Family cycling trips are an incredibly bonding hobby and can really help to make families feel connected.


Whether you, as a parent, haven’t ridden a bike for years or whether you are a keen cyclist this could be just the exercise that you are looking for to bring your family together and enjoy the great outdoors. If you don’t have any adult bikes, then you will want to spend a bit of time online researching the best bikes for what you are looking for. Hybrid bicycles are a good all round bike as they offer versatility from commuting around urban areas and also are great for tackling harder terrain in countryside areas also. So put in a little time to find the best kind of models for you and your family.


Cycling with Toddlers


Cycling with toddlers can seem a little intimidating however it is much easier to cycle around with young children than you think. There are a huge range of bike seats and trailers to put young children in and then as they get older you can then get them into a ‘tag-along’ bicycle and then eventually get them a bike of their own.


Cycling with toddlers and young children is a great sport for parents, especially mothers. It has been found to boost positive frame of mind and can also relieve stress. Babies love the feeling of riding around in the fresh air and it offers a fantastic opportunity to deepen your bond with your baby. It is a free way to get about which is of course is a big bonus and it also allows you to be actively introducing healthy activities into your children’s life from a very early age.


Older Children


As children get a little bit older they will certainly want to start pedalling for themselves and this can be one of the most wonderful times in a family. Teaching your child how to ride their very own bike is an exciting time for both children and adults. Children on bicycles are much more likely to get their minimum of 60 minutes a day of physical activity, which means you are promoting the best health in your children.


It has actually been proven that children who walk and cycle to school are actually more alert and open to processing information than children who have been driven to school. So getting your children cycling and cycling together as a family is not only a really fun family activity it is also a really important hobby for the health, development and happiness of your kids.


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