Unconventional Ways to Ease Depression

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If you’re depressed, then you should always see your doctor before you do anything else, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all you should do. Taking medication and getting therapy may well help you, but so will ma of these unconventional ways to ease depression, and many of them are completely free…


Help Others


When you’re feeling depressed, it isn’t always easy to get up and moving – sometimes even taking a shower is too much to bear – but on those better days, when you can get out of bed and go outside for a while, make an effort to help other people. Volunteering or even just giving a dollar to a homeless person, will take you out of your head for a little while, and make you feel a little better about yourself.


Learn to Smile


If you can learn to smile more, even when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, it will help. Sure, it won’t cure your depression in a snap – it’s more complicated than that – but it might just lift your mood, make you feel a little happier and stop those constantly circling negative thoughts from coming around quite so often.


Practice Yoga


Practicing yoga again, takes some effort and is best kept for those days when you’re feeling up to activity, but it can really boost the mind and body by putting both into sync with one another and providing you with a calm, relaxing exercise that will stop negative thoughts in their tracks and bring more peace into your day.




When you’re depressed, you will probably suffer from rumination. You will think about all of the bad things that can happen/have happened/you’ve done, and you will start to sink into the depths of despair. One thing that can stop this is to read. You might find it difficult to concentrate, but take it one sentence at a time. When you’re reading, you’ll be concentrating on the fictional words of the page – your own thoughts won’t get a look in – and if the story is good, it will make you feel better all on its own.


Pet an Animal


If you have a dog or a cat, or you can borrow one, spending some quality time with your furry friend will help to reduce your stress levels and calm you down so that you can get through the day.




Meditation is fantastic for people suffering from depression or anxiety. It helps us to notice when we’ve fallen into a negative thinking pattern and teaches us that our thoughts are just thoughts – they have no real importance. It gives us the space to return to zero – a blank state – where we can get some respite from our troubles.




Food really does matter. If you’re eating a poor diet, high in sugar and saturated fats, you probably aren’t feeding your brain well enough. So, eat more fruits, vegetables, greens and good fats, take a multivitamin and have your nutrient levels checked if you think food could be causing your problem.


How do you ease your depression?


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