Have You Got Your Own Back?

Living with pain is a troubling idea to most people. The thought of being in pain every day is too much for a lot of people to deal with. Unfortunately, though, this fear isn’t quite enough to push people into action. It’s easy to live a destructive life without even realising it. And, this catches a lot of folks out. To help you with this, this post will be focusing on your back. This part of your body is very prone to being painful in later life, though, there are still things which can be done for it. Once you’ve read this, you should have everything you need to get started on a healthier back.

Grayscale Photo of Person Hands on Back Showing Spinal Cord

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Posture is one of the key elements when it comes to back health. The way that you sit, stand, and lie down are vital to your back’s health. For example, a lot of modern jobs involve sitting down for very long stretches of time. Without the right kind of chair to deal with this, it’s likely that back pain will start. In an office, you should always be using a chair designed to be used for 24-hours a day. Or, if you’re strapped for cash, you could look into getting a memory foam wedge, instead. Along with this, it could also be worth doing some research. The way you hold your body will have a huge impact on it in later life. So, it’s worth looking for options which can help you.


Along with the way you hold yourself, there are some more easy ways to help your back. Your spine is made from bone. Like the rest of your bones, it is reliant on calcium to be strong and solid. So, by adding more calcium to your diet, you’ll be increasing the chances that your back stays good into later life. Omega3 is also great for your back, in the right amounts. The perfect meal to find back pain would be some sort of fish served with vegetables and not much else. It’s vital that you eat your greens and look for ways to get these important elements into your diet.


If you’re already living with back pain, the top two solutions will only be able to help you so far. Sometimes, back pain isn’t caused by the person experiencing it. Instead, it can be caused by an injury. Back injuries can be very hard to recover from. When you walk or run, you use your back. When you carry things, you use your back. But, most importantly, your back supports your body. This means that it is constantly in the line of fire, raising the chances it can become painful by a huge amount. When you’re experiencing back pain, it could be worth seeing some chiropractors. Doctors like this are specially trained to work with backs, so they have the right experience to help you out properly.


Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re trying to fight back pain. Not a lot of people put this sort of effort into their health. But, when you’re thinking about something as crucial as your back, it’s worth working hard.

2 thoughts on “Have You Got Your Own Back?

  1. This is a great post. At the age of about 12-13 I started having back pain. I played basketball, volleyball and was a dancer. I would go to the chiropractor may time a week, as that would give me temporary relief, but still struggled with pain. It wasn’t until last year (age of 20) when I finally decided That something was really wrong. I got an MRI and found 2 stress fractures in my spine. They say I have most likely had them the last 7-8 years that I have had back pain. With constantly playing sports, they never had a chance to heal. This last year has been a wonderful struggle, to say the least. While having to cut back on exercise for 6 months, trying not to bend, twist, jump, etc. I am finally getting to the point where I rarely have pain!! And It’s an amazing feeling after going years with pain everyday. It is those little things you can change, like posture, how you sleep, how you move that can help make a wonderful change in the way your back feels! Sorry for the long comment, but I feel very strongly about your post and love that you are informing others of the changes they can make to improve/avoid back pain!

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    • Don’t be sorry for a long comment at all! I am glad this post connected with you. I was a dancer as well and have some last back issues that actually cause hip problems from time to time as well. I am so glad you were able to find what was wrong and are getting back to feeling better!! Keep it up, and thank you for popping in!!

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