Sculpt Those Legs With These Workout Ideas!

When it comes to making our legs look good, we may think that there’s nothing much we can do, but on the contrary, they are plenty of ways we can sculpt our quads, thighs, calves, and hamstrings. And after all, we spend the whole day walking on our legs so we need to make them as strong as we possibly can to hold the rest of our body up, so here are a few exercises to bear in mind to get toned, sculpted, fabulous legs.


The Squat

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The basics of any great exercise routine as well as getting shapely legs is all about mastering the squat. For beginners, it’s always best to do it with a chair. Stand with your back to it and keep your feet hip width apart. Tense your core with your feet firmly on the ground and back your butt towards the chair, making sure that your knees don’t go past your feet. You will need to keep your core tensed for the whole exercise, including when you bring yourself back up to standing position. Once you have mastered the form, you can get rid of the chair or get adventurous and squat with a barbell.



Sporty Young Woman Jogging



Along with the squat, this is the bread and butter of the leg exercise world. You stand hip width apart, place one leg in front of you and lower your body using your core to balance before bringing that back leg back up. You should feel it in your quadriceps as well as in your calves, but your core will have quite a workout too if it’s not very strong!


Bike Riding

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As a way to work your calves, you can’t do much better than getting on a bike and riding on rough terrain. But lots of us are unable to use an upright bike due to physical injuries such as lower back pain, and in these cases, it’s best to use a recumbent exercise bike. You can check out some recumbent exercise bike reviews at this link but any type of bike riding gives your legs an overall workout, and a recumbent bike does a lot of work on the front part of your legs such as the quadriceps.


Various Yoga And Pilates Moves

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As an overall toning body workout yoga or pilates have fantastic benefits for you, especially your legs. With moves such as the downward facing dog and the bridge, these focus a lot on perfect leg form to keep your whole body balanced. Those two moves are part of every single yoga or pilates routine and once you have perfected those you can move onto more difficult moves such as the tree or the warrior pose, which is you making a T shape with your body.


These exercises are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having toned legs, but these can give you a great starting point. Always be sure to stretch before each workout to make sure that your legs are as flexible as they can be.


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