Looking For A Killer Style? It’s All In The Bag

In 2013, bags became the main attention of fashion designer Adnan Bayyat who created a flamenco-style dress from 1,000 used carrier bags. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/eco-chic-designer-creates-dress-out-902358 The talented designer came up with the idea to raise awareness about recycling bags. The result is both dramatically elegant and also eye-opening. Who would have thought that plastic bags could also become a fashionable item? But more to the point, bags play an important role in fashion: They bring the outfit together and give it an unmistakable stylish accent.

Style is in the bag


#1. Fashionable under the sun

Fashion is a matter of trends. But style is infinitely more subtle and lasting. Style completes your outfit and turns clothing choices into effortless chic. Consequently, using bags as a stylish element can change your outfit in the most suitable way to your situation. If you’re traveling on holiday, there’s nothing like a picking the perfect travel bag or a suitcase to send the right vibes. A neutral, leather bag will be the perfect timeless accessory that can turn your 4 AM flight into a catwalk show. To avoid complications, make sure that you choose a bag with plenty of pockets inside so that you can travel in style and keep everything tidy at the same time. Stylish and messy simply doesn’t work!


#2. A busy woman in town

Urban lifestyle requires an urban outfit that is elegant and pragmatic at the same time. This naturally starts with your choice of bags, going from trendy to practical, here’s a great selection of crossbody bags that can be either very small for those who just need a wallet and a phone, or large for women who like to carry a lot of things. The advantage of the crossbody bag is that it’s ideal for a trip in town: It’s pretty much theft-proof with its zipped pockets and its proximity to the body, but it remains elegant at the same time.


#3. Back to business

Only one month left before the back to school and back to business feelings take over the fashion trend. There’s still time for you to get the perfect office accessory: An elegant women’s backpack, that lets you carry everything you need at work without looking like a schoolgirl at the same time. From a lunchbox to a notebook, working in an office requires you to carry around a lot of items. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t keep it stylish and practical. A neutral-looking leather bag is the perfect, timeless solution for the chic office businesswoman.


#4. A touch of luxury for the evening

Going out in the evening means that you need a decent evening bag that can turn an elegant outfit into the evening wear that can turn heads. You will need a small clutch, as there are naturally fewer things that you need to carry on a night out: Your phone, your wallet, and your keys are all you need. There’s one thing you need to pay attention to: Step away from neutral color schemes. When going out, your bag is the eye catcher that changes your outfit from day to night. Silver and gold are brilliant choices for a touch of luxury. Pink and red work too and add a hint of glamor, if that’s what you prefer.


In the end, bags turn fashion into style. Pick the right bag for the situation, and you’ll always look stylish and fashionable. Get it wrong, and the rest of your outfit will not be enough to save the day.



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