Everyday Toxins That Are Ruining Your Health (And How To Get Them Out Of Your Body)

The sad truth is that even those of us who live healthy lifestyles are inviting toxins into our bodies every day. Even if you don’t smoke or drink, you’d be amazed at the environmental toxins that lurk in the most unexpected of places, just waiting to invade your body and wreak havoc with your health. Here you’ll learn some of the damaging toxins that are likely invading your body through ingestion or inhalation on a daily basis and how best to avoid them and reverse the damage you’ve done with the correct nutrition.


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Know your toxins


Many of us are savvy enough to wash our fruit and vegetables before we eat them to clean off unwelcome chemical pesticides (or soil that’s been contaminated with them). It’s one of the simplest ways to prevent common toxins from entering our bodies. However, there are a whole host of toxins that we face in our day to day lives that require little more effort by way of prevention. Here are some nasty placed where toxins can be picked up that you may not be quite so familiar with:


Cooking meat- Cooking meat at high temperatures releases certain carcinogenic compounds as well as an excess of the Heme iron found in meat can induce the development of cancerous cells.


Pumping gas- Did you know that in the states of Oregon and New Jersey, it’s illegal to pump your own gas? Breathing in gasoline vapors is extremely damaging. The very smell of gasoline is an indication of highly toxic substances floating through the air waiting to be hoovered up by unknowing nostrils. Breathing in gasoline fumes can increase your likelihood of exposure to the health problems that are usually associated with benzene exposure such as leukemia.


Lighting a candle- Many of us use scented candles to spread a pleasant aroma throughout the house, but unfortunately a nice smell is likely not all that’s permeating your home’s atmosphere. Many air fresheners, including those found in candles contain solvent chemicals called phthalates which is linked to endocrine and reproductive issues. Candles often usually contain paraffin which is a known carcinogen.


Know the damage


An estimated 95% of cancer cases are caused by dietary and environmental toxicity, but the damage caused by these everyday toxins doesn’t stop at cancer. Alzheimer’s disease, autism, diabetes, fatigue, obesity, heart disease, allergies, candida (fungal infection) and even infertility. have in some way been linked to toxic overload in our bodies.


Know the cure


The good news is that there are a great many natural plants and roots with detoxifying properties. These are most often consumed as teas, but with so many on the market, it’s difficult to know which are the most effective. Check out DetoxTeaGuide.com/ to find out which teas are the most effective.


While detox teas are great, they’re intended to supplement rather than supplant good nutrition. Eliminating processed foods, drinking plenty of water and increasing your intake of locally grown, organic fruit and vegetables will ensure that you avoid toxins and allow your tissues to purge the toxins from your body.


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